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College of Social Work

Student Spotlight: Marianna Moss

Jan. 14, 2019
Chris Woodley ⋅ 

Marianna Moss, a native of Florence, S.C.,  earned her undergraduate degree in sociology last year from Clemson University. She then arrived in the capital city to pursue her Master of Social Work and take advantage of the College of Social Work’s classroom and field education opportunities.

Why did you decide to attend the Univeristy of South Carolina College of Social Work?

The UofSC College of Social Work gives me the ability to learn both inside and outside the classroom. It is rewarding to know that the skills I am learning in the classroom are going to be directly implemented with clients in my field placement. I also decided to attend UofSC because of its location, helpful staff and reputation among other social work colleges.  

What inspired you to study social work?

I want to be a resource and source of comfort for families who are going through stressful and traumatic circumstances. When I was first introduced to social work, I was also drawn to the different professions you can pursue through the degree. I also liked how you are constantly engaged with others and make a difference through these relationships. 

What advice would you give someone considering studying social work?

I would encourage people to think of the benefits that come from this field. This degree can open the doors for different professions that each include very rewarding and fulfilling work. Social workers are important for the functioning of our society, and the field is expanding every day. If you do decide to study social work in college, I would urge someone to make the most of their time by joining clubs and organizations and learning from classroom discussions and field placement.

What do you enjoy most about attending UofSC and living in Columbia?

I was nervous for the challenges I would face from learning my way around a new city when I moved to Columbia. But I was surprised at how easy the city was to navigate and the different activities the city offers. Within the first weeks of class, I fell in love with the campus and its beauty and history.

Do you think social work is a misunderstood career?

Many people often think of social workers as people who work for the Department of Social Services who remove children from homes of abuse or neglect. Although this is one form of social work, there are other areas of the profession. Social workers can work in schools, hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, mental health agencies, substance abuse clinics, veteran’s affairs, non-profit organizations, research, hospice and more.

What traits are necessary to be successful in a social work career?
In order to be a successful social worker, you must have empathy and compassion for others, have a flexible work schedule, engage in active listening, and make responsible and ethical decisions.

What are your post-graduation plans?

After completing my MSW degree, I will pursue a case management position in a hospital setting in the perinatal or NICU department and enrich the lives of women, children and families.  

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