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College of Social Work

Meet 2023 Social Work graduate Nicholas Zammuto

Major: Social work 

Hometown: Washington, Illinois  

How USC changed my life:  

It provided me with so many opportunities. These range from my major, to work, to friends and figuring out what I am passionate about in my life. I have been able to use all of the resources at this university to help me succeed in those areas, and along the way, I have met some amazing people to help me through this journey. 

Advice for incoming students:   

Try everything you possibly can and buy into it. What I mean is that it is ok to not know what to do at the beginning or even the end of your time at South Carolina but take advantage of all the opportunities to try new, different and challenging experiences that might open your perspective to something completely new that you love and enjoy.  

What I’ve learned about myself:  

The most important thing I've learned about myself is how to care for me. Self-care during my college experience has been crucial in giving me the time to rest and recover by myself, with friends, or buying those pairs of shoes I have been looking at recently. Self-care is how I have been able to balance work, class, and personal life. 

What organization helped me succeed:  

The Russell House University Union was key to my success at South Carolina because it provided me with a firm foundation to start from and branch out. I transferred to USC after my freshman year of college at a previous institution, and joining Russell House helped me get involved on campus, and establish at first co-workers, who turned into friendships that will last a long time. I am forever grateful for Russell House, and the multiple positions I have held there which have shaped me personally and professionally and helped me succeed on this campus. 

A favorite memory:  

Attending the USC vs Kentucky football game this last semester and storming the field with all of my friends.  

What’s next? 

I will be going right back to school in a one-year Advanced Standing Master of Social Work graduate program. 

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