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Archaeologists Dennis Stanford (left) and Carolina's Al Goodyear inspect stone tools.
Archaeologists Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution (left) and Carolina's Al Goodyear inspect stone tools found at the Topper dig site.

Topper dig site subject of new PBS program

The University of South Carolina’s Topper archaeological dig site – home to some of the most significant research on earliest man in America – will be the subject of an hour-long episode of “Time Team America,” a new PBS television series airing at 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 15.

Topper, located in Allendale County along the banks of the Savannah River, is profiled in the second episode of the series, which premieres on July 7.

Based on a long-running British series, “Time Team America” takes viewers inside some of the most intriguing archaeological sites in America. The show’s crew, comprising archaeologists and scientists, shares the rush of discovery with viewers as artifacts are found.

“This is the first one-hour national broadcast on Topper, which is some measure of the importance of the site and the amount of public interest in the archaeology of early humans in the Americas,” said Dr. Al Goodyear, the university archaeologist whose research at the Topper site has captured international attention and has put the archaeology field in flux.

Goodyear’s findings that suggest an occupation of an earlier pre-Clovis people dating back some 50,000 years or more have sparked much scientific debate and interest.

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Time Team America at Topper

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