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Archaeologists Dennis Stanford (left) and Carolina's Al Goodyear inspect stone tools.
Archaeologists Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution (left) and Carolina's Al Goodyear inspect stone tools found at the Topper dig site.

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Dixon said he chose Topper because it is a high-profile site and because of Goodyear.

“It is one of the best-managed sites I’ve ever worked on, and Dr. Goodyear is one of the most charismatic and effective communicators of history of all the people I’ve met.”

The July 15 show will be the longest national broadcast devoted to Topper, which has been the subject of a 30-minute SC-ETV documentary and has been featured in many documentaries on Clovis and early man that have aired nationally on the History Channel and PBS. Most recently, Goodyear’s research was featured in the winter issue of American Archaeology and last fall’s issue of Science Illustrated.

Scientific interest in Topper, particularly Goodyear’s pre-Clovis findings, continues to build. Among these top researchers is Dr. Dennis Stanford, head of the archaeology division and director of the Paleo-Indian Program at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History.

Stanford was at Topper earlier this month to meet with Goodyear and observe excavation.

“The University’s Topper site is probably one of the most important sites being excavated in the country today,” said Stanford. “It’s a whole new chapter of history unfolding, and it’s unfolding right here in Allendale. The Smithsonian stands for the acquisition and dispersion of science and knowledge to human communities, and that’s exactly what is happening here.”

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