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USC faculty members among ‘The Best 300 Professors’

By Peggy Binette,, 803-777-5400

The University of South Carolina has four of the country’s best undergraduate teachers according to The Princeton Review’s new guide “The Best 300 Professors.”

Featured in the guide are Bradford Collins, an associate professor in art history in the College of Arts and Sciences; Tom Hughes and Mariah Lynch, lecturers in accounting in the Darla Moore School of Business; and Mark Sibley-Jones, an adjunct English professor in the South Carolina Honors College.

Published Tuesday (April 3), “The Best 300 Professors” is a collaboration between The Princeton Review and, a popular U.S. college professor ratings website. The book features professors from more than 60 fields and 122 colleges and universities. They were chosen an initial list of more than 42,000 professors.

Selection was based on survey findings and ratings about students’ classroom experiences and assessments of their professors. The data was collected by The Princeton Review and

In Collins’ profile, a student says, “I never realized WHY art was so valuable. The material is so interesting, or maybe he just makes it so. He inspires. He makes a large class feel intimate because he doesn’t just lecture, he entertains.”

Lynch says she wants to make an impression on students. “They don’t know it, but accounting creeps into all of the classes and is an absolutely necessary skill in the business world,” she says.

The 300 top professors are not ranked, and a complete list is accessible at The Princeton Review. The book features profiles for the professors as well as their university or college.

“The Best 300 Professors” is among nearly 150 books published by The Princeton Review, a Massachusetts-based education services company that is known for its test-prep courses, books and student survey-based college rankings. It is not affiliated with Princeton University.

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