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Theatre S.C. opens with ‘August Snow’

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University of South Carolina Lab Theatre opens its 2012 season with “August Snow,”the first in a trilogy of plays by writer Reynolds Price that chronicle the hardships of a North Carolina family from the Great Depression through the Vietnam War era.  

The play is set for Oct. 11-14 at 8 p.m. in the USC Lab Theatre, 1400 Wheat St.

Tickets are $5 and only available at the door. 

“August Snow” is about the early stages of a couple’s relationship and how they’re trying to figure out what it means to be together, what each has to give up, what each won’t give up, and how much each can expect the other person to change.

Set in a small eastern North Carolina town during the Depression, newlyweds Neal and Taw Avery settle into married life. But, in the first year, Neal has a hard time setting aside his friendship with his best friend Porter Farwell, who has moved in with Neal’s recently widowed mother. The friendship is weighed down with the fact that Neal and Porter also work together at the Avery family store.                       

Frustrated with Neal’s inability to cut ties with Porter, Taw gives Neal an ultimatum.  He must recommit with heart and soul to their marriage vows by ending the long nights he spends at bars drinking with Porter. 

Neal begins to see life as a grown up, complete with the disappointments he's tried to avoid, and ultimately knows that Taw is the best thing to happen to him.  He returns, quietly renewing his love.

Patti Walker, the director, said this play will resonate with students.

“In essence, this is a play about love and all its attendant questions.  What is love and how do you love?  How can you completely love someone and still love yourself. And, what are you allowed to demand of another person because of what you need?  At what point do you put their needs first? It's about trying to find that balance. It's right where many college students are in their explorations of their relationships with each other,” Walker said.

Walker is a graduate of the MFA program at UNC-Greensboro and is a public speaking instructor in USC’s speech communication and rhetoric program.

In February, Walker appeared in the Theatre S.C. production of Noël Coward’s “Present Laughter.” Her regional acting credits include “The Matchmaker” (Triad Stage), “The Foreigner,” “West Side Story,” “Children of Eden,” and “Evita” (Wagon Wheel Theatre) and “The Will Rogers Follies.”

August Snow cast

character                                   actor                               status

Taw                                           Jamie Boller                      freshman theatre major     
Genevieve                                  Elizabeth Houck                 freshman theatre major

Roma                                        Rebecca Shrom                 sophomore theatre major
Neal                                          Ryan Stevens                              undergrad English major
Porter                                        Megh Ahire                       undergrad business major

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