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Delta Sigma Pi begins 2016 recruitment Monday

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), a co-ed, professional business fraternity, has a rich tradition at the University of South Carolina. DSP begins their Spring recruitment on Feb. 1 in the Darla Moore School of Business

Be ready for winter weather

Winter months occasionally bring freezing rain, ice and snow to the Columbia area, and it’s important for students to be prepared and stay informed. We've put together some tips to keep in mind in case of winter weather.

Residence halls closing for winter break

Students living in certain residence halls should make plans as they will be closing for the winter break.

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Stories for Students

Carla Damron

'I'm always a social worker, even when I'm a writer'

Carla Damron writes what she knows. With more than 30 years of experience in social work, this University of South Carolina alumna’s novels center on characters in the midst of crises — whether they are dealing with grief, mental illness or a mixture of both.

SC Encyclopedia

Interdisciplinary team taking SC history digital

Ten years after its launch as the most comprehensive reference book on the Palmetto State, “The South Carolina Encyclopedia” is getting ready for a second act, this time on the digital stage.


Fostering leadership and diversity

For 30 years, the University of South Carolina has brought together students around the region to talk about leadership and diversity. This year, students and faculty from across the SEC also will be part of that conversation.

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