Parking launches ParkUSC

App will crowd-source information to let community members know about space availability in parking lots

Parking and Transportation Services' new app called ParkUSC (Apple, Google Play) will help campus community members identify available spaces in campus parking lots.

Initially, the pilot phase for the app will focus only on specific lots on the west side of campus.

What you need to know: Since this is a pilot program, the sole focus of the app will be the following parking lots: AD1, AD16, Devine West and Greek Village. Students, faculty and staff who visit Greek Village or the Wellness and Fitness Center will be able to quickly identify available parking in these areas.

Devine West and AD16 are the two lots to the west of 650 Lincoln on Devine Street, while AD1 is the lot directly west of fitness center off Blossom Street.

How it works: The crowd-sourcing app, tailored specifically for the USC community, helps users find available parking near their chosen destination. Additionally, it provides reminders on where your car is parked, citation warnings and a platform to provide your feedback.

The more active users the app has, the better the experience will be in finding available parking near your destination. The system needs data to give accurate reports, so download the app and start helping today.