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College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Prerequisites

The Pharm.D. program does not require a prior degree upon entrance nor is admissions limited to certain majors. The College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina admits a variety of students with different academic backgrounds, including but not limited to: those completing required pharmacy prerequisite courses, undergraduate or graduate degrees, as well as those seeking a career change.

The following 66 credit hours of pharmacy prerequisites must be completed prior to Fall 2017 Pharm.D. program entry. However, the prerequisites DO NOT need to be completed before submitting your application. You may submit your applications and accompanying materials while completing these courses.

 General Chemistry (must include labs) - 8 credit hours

Science courses must be designated for science majors.

 General Biology (must include labs) - 8 credit hours

With approval from the College of Pharmacy, you may substitute two general biology courses with a combination of botany and zoology or cell biology and genetics.

Science courses must be designated for science majors.

 Organic Chemistry (must include labs) - 8 credit hours

Science courses must be designated for science majors.

 Physics - 3 credit hours

Algebra or calculus based physics will be accepted. A physics lab is not required.

Science courses must be designated for science majors.

Anatomy & Physiology I & II -  6 credit hours

A combination of a separate Human Anatomy (3 hours) and Human Physiology (3 hours) courses will fulfill this requirement. 6 hours must come from two lecture courses.

Science courses must be designated for science majors.

Microbiology - 3 credit hours 

Microbiology lab is not required.

Science courses must be designated for science majors. 

Calculus - 3 credit hours

General Calculus and Calculus for business or life sciences majors will be accepted.

Statistics - 3 credit hours

Introductory statistics or statistics for life sciences, business, mathematics, etc. majors will be accepted.

English Composition - 3 credit hours


English Literature / Composition - 3 credit hours


Public Speaking / Verbal Skills - 3 credit hours

Public speaking or speech will be accepted.

Economics - 3 credit hours

Introductory economics, microeconomics or macroeconomics will be accepted.

Psychology - 3 credit hours


Liberal Art Electives - 9 credit hours

Courses in humanities and social sciences are accepted.

Examples of humanities include: art, business, ethics, creative writing, fine arts, languages, music, religion and theater.

Examples of social sciences include: anthropology, additional economic courses, child development, geography, history, management, political science, social work, sociology and women’s studies.

* All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.0) or above.

* Credit hours listed above are based on semester hours. Quarter hours will need to be converted (1.5 quarter hour = 1 semester hour)