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College of Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Education

The College of Pharmacy's degree programs span from preparing undergraduates through the foundational pre-pharmacy program to developing pharmaceutical sciences researchers and Pharm.D. professionals.

Students seeking a pharmacy career typically start in the two-year pre-pharmacy program, and then apply to the Pharm.D. program. It is also not uncommon to have applicants to the Pharm.D. program who have already completed a four-year degree. Each College of Pharmacy student learns from nationally recognized faculty and participates in immersive experiential training, including the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center and the Palmetto Poison Center.

Four dual-degree programs enhance students' pharmacy education and post-graduate opportunities by imparting with highly specialized knowledge and skills.

Post-graduate residency programs are available on the Columbia campus and our upstate branch campus, Greenville Health System. Residency and fellowship programs provide students with effective learning experiences that often lead to higher-quality job placement. Continuing education courses help South Carolina pharmacists maintain licensure and stay abreast of quality standards.