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Carolina Food Co.

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Horseshoe Catering is here to make your catering experience exceptional.

There is nothing more refreshing than freshly prepared, delicious catering. When planning events, the last thing we want you to worry about is coordinating catering, so we have made our ordering process simple and short.

Just call, email or order online today to arrange for a professionally prepared and delivered meal at your next event. We'll make sure to include something that everyone will love. We’ll cater, providing delicious cuisine to you and your guests. We love to create menus and plan incredible events that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

No matter the occasion, we’ll make your event perfect with professional service and tasty food.


Horseshoe Catering COVID-19 Protocol

Our #1 priority at Horseshoe Catering is ensuring that we take every possible precaution to protect the safety and welfare of the staff and guests who visit our facilities and events.

As the most common mitigation tactic for COVID-19, Horseshoe Catering is implementing social distancing controls wherever needed. Strategies include appropriate signage to assist university staff and guests, and reconfiguration of service areas.

COVID-19 has warranted the elimination of self-serve stations and exposed foods to mitigate the chance of cross-contamination. Our goal is to execute service that is efficient for our guests, while not encouraging crowding. Menu adjustments also facilitate speed of service.

Horseshoe Catering maintains a variety of tools and processes designed to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained at all times. Surfaces and items that are at a high risk of contamination are undergoing frequent and extra cleaning.

Horseshoe Catering ensures that all locations are properly equipped with the necessary PPE to ensure guest and employee safety - including gloves and masks where required.

We are ensuring increased availability of hand sanitizer, no-touch service options and targeted signage and communication to promote hand hygiene for guests. Our employees receive substantial and ongoing hand hygiene training, an increased schedule of mandatory hand washing and appropriate use of PPE (gloves).

While we hope it does not happen, the Carolina Food Co. detailed pandemic plan prepares and enables our operators to react to a positive COVID-19 exposure quickly and safely. our processes are designed to identify and communicate any potential risk to guests and staff, and to effectively clean and sanitize all impacted areas per CDC guidelines to minimize service disruption.



Additional Catering Items for Pickup

Retail locations can prepare orders for pick up only.  Please reach out to Horseshoe Catering to place orders.

Large Nugget Tray: $89.99 (200 ct)
Medium Nugget Tray: $54.00 (120 ct)
Small Nugget Tray: $29.00 (64 ct)
Large Chick-n-Mini Tray: $34.99 (40 ct)
Small Chick-n-Mini Tray: $17.00 (20 ct)
Cookie Tray: $31.50 (24 cookies), $16.50 (12 cookies)


Chick-fil-A does not include serviceware

Bagels & Shmear Baker's Dozen: $14.99 (serves up to 13)*
Bagels & Shmear Nosh Box: $14.99 (serves up to 24)*

Box Lunch - Ham & Swiss: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Chicken Salad: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Albacore Tuna Salad: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Italian Chicken: $8.99**
Box Lunch - California Turkey Club Wrap: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Buffalo Chicken Wrap: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Chicken & Bacon Saesar Wrap: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Tasty Turkey: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Hummus Veg Out: $8.99**
Box Lunch - Turkey & Cheddar: $8.99**

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad: $49.99 (serves up to 20)
Chicken Caesar Salad: $8.99 single**, $38.99 group (serves 6-8)*
Strawberry Chicken Salad: $8.9 single**, $38.99 (serves 6-8)*
Classic Caesar Salad: $8.99 single**, $38.99 (serves 6-8)*
Strawberry Almond Salad: $8.99 single**, $38.99 group (serves 6-8)*

Signature Lunch Nosh Box: $70.00 (10 full sandwiches)*†
Signature Small Nosh Box: $35.99 (5 full sandwiches)*†
Classic Lunch Nosh Box: $64.99 (10 full sandwiches)*‡
Classic Small Nosh Box: $34.99 (5 full sandwiches)*‡

Coffee to Go: $15.99
OJ Free Pour 64 oz.: $9.99


*Served with utensils, plates, and napkins
**Served with a bag of chips and a cookie
†Signature sandwiches include tasty turkey, hummus veg out, chicken or tuna salad, Italian chicken, California turkey club wrap, and buffalo chicken wrap
‡Classic sandwiches include turkey & cheddar, smoked ham, chicken or tuna salad, and hummus veg out

2 Tacos: $9.49
3 Tacos: $11.49
Nachos with Chicken: $10.49
Nachos with Steak: $11.49
Nachos with Veggies: $8.99
Chicken Burrito: $9.49
Steak Burrito: $11.49
Veggie Burrito: $8.49
Chicken Burrito with chips and salsa: $10.50
Steak Burrito with chips and salsa: $11.50
Veggie Burrito with chips and salsa: $9.50

Grilled Chicken: Pint - $8.29, Quart - $16.49
Grilled Steak: Pint - $12.29, Quart - $24.49
Queso Dip: Pint - $7.99, Quart - $15.99
Yellow Rice: Pint - $3.99, Quart - $6.99
Black Beans: Pint - $3.00, Quart - $6.00
Tortilla Chips: $5.99 (serves 20)
House Salsa: Pint - $4.99, Quart - $8.99
Guacamole: Pint - $9.99, Quart - $17.99
Pico de Gallo: Pint $4.99, Quart - $8.99
Sour Cream: Pint $3.99, Quart - $6.99
Shredded Cheese: Pint $4.99, Quart - $8.99
Lettuce: Pint - $3.99, Quart - $7.99
Chopped Tomatoes: Pint - $2.29, Quart - $4.49
Pickled Jalapeños: Pint - $2.99, Quart - $5.99
Fresh Cilantro: Pint - $5.29, Quart - $10.49
Extra Dressing (2oz): $0.75 per container
Soft Tortillas (flour or corn): $3.49 per dozen
Hard Yellow Corn Taco Shells: $3.00 per dozen
Bottled Water: $1.50 each



Sustainable Catering Guide

Welcome to the University of South Carolina Sustainable Catering guide. Let us guide you in planning the perfect event while also using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.
Horseshoe Sustainable Catering Guide [PDF]


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