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Carolina Food Co.

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Nacho Papi's Food Truck

Enjoy Nacho Papi’s Food Truck if you are craving premium nachos, burritos, and tacos with classic sides.

Hours of Operation

Schedule and location vary based on scheduled events. 

Full Menu

*Egg, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat allergens noted


Make anything a bowl with rice, lettuce, and beans

Slow roasted chicken served with choice of tortillas, queso fresco, salsa verde, chipotle crema.
Served with rice and beans.
860 Cal (corn) / 930 Cal (flour)


Seasoned beef tacos on choice of tortilla, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, fire roasted salsa, and monterey jack.
Served with rice and beans.
620 Cal (corn) / 690 Cal (flour)


Seasoned pulled pork, pico de gallo, queso fresco cheese and chili lime ranch on choice of tortilla. Served with rice and beans.
940 Cal (corn) / 1010 Cal (flour)


Green chili braised chicken, monterey jack cheese, fire roasted salsa, and avocado ranch dressing on a quesadilla.
Served with rice and beans.
1000 Cal


Crispy tortilla chips topped with pork, chicken, beef, or vegan beyond crumbles, queso, salsa, jalapeños and scallions.
580 - 700 Cal
(made w/o gluten)


Calories include rice and beans
Corn tortilla made w/o gluten


$1.39 | 270 Cal
(v) (made w/o gluten)

$1.39 | 160 Cal
(v) (made w/o gluten)

$1.49 | 90 Cal
(v) (made w/o gluten)


made w/o gluten

$0.99 | 10 Cal (v)

$0.99 | 20 Cal (v)

$0.99 | 10 Cal (v)

$0.99 | 90 Cal
contains egg, milk

$1.19 | 110 Cal
contains egg, milk
$1.19 | 110 Cal
$0.99 | 90 Cal (v)
$1.79 | 150 Cal
contains milk
$1.79 | 90 Cal
contains milk
$1.79 | 40 Cal (v)


Additional nutritional information is available upon request. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.


Effective immediately due to COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions requiring ingredient substitutions, allergen and ingredient information on menu boards, recipe cards, and website may not be current. If you or someone in your party has a food allergy, please contact a food service manager, chef or dietitian on site. 

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