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Project Leadership and Management

This interdisciplinary certificate provides work ready leadership training to enhance management readiness for undergraduate bachelor seeking students.

Certificate Benefits

Join our Project Leadership and Management Certificate program to learn valuable leadership skills that will boost your knowledge and get you ready for your chosen career. 

Project Leadership and Management are two skills that are critical for success in almost any industry, but often can only be learned on the job. This certificate gives students entering the workforce a leg up by providing the foundation for building this skill set. Students who enter the workforce with extracurricular leadership positions may have an edge in experience, but this spring, any student can take advantage of the opportunity to practice managing individuals and projects. 

Whether your major is in the humanities or STEM, this certificate program will prepare you to enter a company ready to implement best practices for managing teams and steering projects with confidence. 

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Course Options

EDLP 317 - Law and Policy Studies in Education
ENGL 387* - Introduction to Rhetoric
      or SPCH 387 - Introduction to Rhetoric
ENGL 462* - Technical Writing
ENGL 463* - Business Writing
ENGL 468 - Digital Writing
HTMT 490 - Strategic Hospitality Management and Leadership
JOUR 451 - Freelancing for Creative Professionals
JOUR 480 - Media Management
MGMT 371* - Principles of Management
MGSC 498 - Project Management for Business
PEDU 302 - Foundations of Coaching
POLI 215* - Introduction to Leadership Studies
POLI 370* - Introduction to Public Administration
RETL 351 - Retail Entrepreneurship
PSYC 350 - Industrial Psychology
SOCY 101 - Introductory Sociology
SOCY 311* - Ecology of Human Social Systems
SPCH 330* - Small Group Communication
SPCH 331* - Organizational Communication


*Also applicable to Graduation with Leadership Distinction.


* Academic Bulletin Course Listings


Summer 2024 Offerings

Certificate Requirements
Select Four Courses From the Following

Full Summer Session (3S0)

May 6 - July 25

Exams: July 26 and 27


6 Week Session I (3S1)

May 6 - June 13

Exams: June 14 and 15

MGMT 371

6 Week Session II (3S2)

June 17 - July 25

Exams: July 26 and 27

MGMT 371

3 Week Session I (3S3)

May 6 - May 22

Exams: May 24

RETL 351, SOCY 101

3 Week Session II (3S4)

May 28 - June 13

Exams: June 14

POLI 370, SOCY 101

3 Week Session III (3S5)

June 17 - July 3

Exams: July 5


9 Week Session I (3S6)

May 28 - July 25

Exams: July 26 and 27



How It Works

  1. Let us know you're interested by completing a Project Leadership and Management Interest Form.
  2. After reviewing with your academic advisor, we'll add the Certificate to your curriculum in Banner.
  3. Complete 12 credit hours from the course list above. We'll keep track of your progress in DegreeWorks.
  4. Complete a Certificate Application along with your degree application during your final semester.
  5. Be recognized on your transcript, your commencement program, and by official certificate. Be all the more prepared for the career you want!


  • The certificate must be completed concurrently with your undergraduate degree and it cannot delay graduation. 
  • A minimum institutional GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.
  • Two of the four required courses must be taken at the USC Columbia campus.
  • All coursework that applies to the certificate must be earned with a grade of C or better.

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