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Accelerated Study Plans

Design your college experience to fit your graduation timeline. With an accelerated study plan, you can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees faster by taking classes year-round.

Plan Benefits

Support from the Graduation and Retention Network staff members and your academic advisors makes it easier for you to graduate in less than four years. When you create a formal accelerated plan, you have access to

  • priority registration for classes
  • advocates who work with your department for accommodations
  • individual advising to help you stay on track
  • potential financial savings
  • fast track the completion of your bachelor’s and, in some cases, master’s degrees

We’ve created many three-year study plans for motivated students like you. If a plan doesn’t currently exist for your major, we may be able to work with you and your advisor to create one.*

*ASPs are not available in some majors, including DMSB and Engineering & Computing.

Early registration is a big plus! It makes it so much easier to get into the classes I want and need.

— Melinda Busman, Senior and Biological Sciences major

What to Expect with an Accelerated Study Plan

When you meet with an academic advisor about an accelerated study plan, you’ll review your academic transcript, explore the requirements in your major map and, where possible, explore existing accelerated study plans. Your advisor will also refer you to the staff at the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to help you understand the implications of taking year-round classes. To graduate early, you will likely take courses during the summer and winter sessions, which can include online classes that will let you stay ahead even if you’re away from campus. ASP students must be students in good academic standing in their major throughout their time in the program.

Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree

It’s never too early to start preparing your accelerated study plan. If you are an undergraduate student, it’s best to kick off your plan freshman year so that you can take courses during the winter and summer sessions.

There are three ways you can learn more about accelerated study plans and start the process to formalize your plan. Choose the option that’s most comfortable for you.

1. Contact your academic advisor. For additional information, you may also reach out to the contact person listed below for your area of study. 

Program Contact
Art History, B.A. Anna Swartwood House 
Biological Sciences, B.S. Amanda Zeigler
Cardiovascular Technology, B.S.  Lourie White
Chemistry, B.S. Leslie Lovelace
Criminology & Criminal Justice, B.A. Shamauri Jenkins 
Environmental Studies, B.A. Lori Ziolkowski
Environmental Science, B.S. Lori Ziolkowski
Geography, B.A. Conor Harrison
Geography, B.S. Jerry Mitchell
Geological Sciences, B.S.  Lori Ziolkowski 
Geological Sciences (with Environmental Geoscience concentration), B.S.  Lori Ziolkowski 
Global Studies, B.A. Alan Marsee
Marine Science, B.S.  Lori Ziolkowski 
Philosophy, B.A. Jeff Turner
Political Science, B.A. Kirk Randazzo
Psychology, B.A. Alex Reynolds
Psychology, B.S. Alex Reynolds
Sociology, B.A.  Department of Sociology


Program Contact
Sport & Entertainment Management, B.S. Kathy Smiling

2. Contact the Graduation and Retention Network team.

  • Stop by our office in the Byrnes Building (Suite 209)
  • Call us at 803-777-9850
  • Email us at

3. Complete the Advising Center’s interest form

Accelerated Bachelor’s Plus Master’s Degree

Speed up your timeframe for earning your undergraduate and graduate degrees. Current plans are listed below, and more will be added each semester. Email the contact listed for each degree program to learn more about the requirements and how to get started. 

Program Contact
Art History, B.A. + M.A. Amanda Wangwright
Biological Sciences, B.S. + Education Minor + M.T. (3 + 1)  Christine Lotter
Media Arts, B.A. + M.A. (4+1) Evan Meaney
Marine Science, B.S. + M.S. (4+1)  Lori Ziolkowski 

Political Science, B.A. + Masters in Public Administration Neal Woods
Sociology, B.S. + M.S. (3+1)
Learn More »
Jennifer Augustine
Program Contact
Master of Accountancy, B.S.B.A. + M.ACC (4)
Learn More »

Jared Jones

Master of Human Resources, B.S.B.A. + M.HR
Learn More »

Sally Fulkert


Master of International Business, B.S. + M.IB
Learn More »

Brittain Goff

Program Contact
Biomedical Engineering, B.S. + M.S. (4+1) Tarek Shazly
Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurial Engineering, B.S. + M.S. (4+.5) Ehsan Jabbarzadeh


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