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Student Health Services

Student Health Fee

Your student health fee pays for many physical and mental health services, including routine office visits and preventive health consultations.

UofSC-Columbia Students Must Have Health Insurance

*Proof of Health Insurance applies to: Undergraduates taking six hours or more and paying the student health fee, graduate students taking six hours or more, graduate students with assistantships, UofSC School of Medicine students enrolled in 1 or more hours and all international students.

  • Student Health Insurance Plan is the ONLY in-network plan at Student Health Services. If you waived the plan, some services may incur out-of-network costs. 
  • Most individuals and families need to waive Student Health Insurance Plan once per academic year
  • Additional department requirements may apply


What is the Student Health Fee?

Your student health fee, paid with your tuition, covers many of your on-campus health services.

 Examples of services covered by the Student Health Fee:
  • Primary Care office visits
  • Women’s Health office visits
  • Sports Medicine office visits
  • Limited number of virtual counseling sessions
  • Virtual Group Counseling
  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Preventive screenings
  • Wellness coaching
  • Clinical nutrition, stress management, sexual health consultations
  • Public health preparedness
  • Advocacy services


Insurance Coverage

Please check with your insurance carrier to determine your network providers. Student Health Services is in-network with many pharmacy plans, but not in-network with most health insurance carriers. Typically, out-of-network deductibles have to be met before third-party insurance plans will pay claims. Some insurance plans do not provide out-of-network coverage - please check your insurance policy to see what your out-of-network coverage entails.  

Student Health Insurance Plan Coverage »


Some Services Require Fees

Routine services are covered completely by the student health fee, paid with your tuition, and most other services are partially covered. 

Most Common Fee-Based Services

Service Fee
Allergy Injection $27 (per injection)
Immunization Administration $15
MMR Vaccine $112
TB Skin Test $33
Travel Visit $50 - $85
Service Fee
Blood Count (complete) $23 – $40
Blood Draw (venipuncture) $15-20
Flu Test $10-36
Pregnancy Test $21-40
STI Testing (chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis) $24 – $55
Strep Test $21
Urinalysis $31
Service Fee
Under 10 Pages Free
10 - 30 Pages $0.65 (per page)
31+ Pages $0.50 (per page)
Additional Processing Fee, 6 – 20 Pages $15
 Additional Processing Fee, 21+ Pages $25

The maximum charge is $200 for paper copies and $150 for electronic copies.

Service Fee
Albuterol Breathing Treatment $49
IV Fluids $81 – $100
Service Fee
 EKG $68
X-Ray  $69 – $165
Physical Therapy Evaluation  $85 – $125
Service Fee
Ace Wrap $6
Crutches $66-$73
Splint, Cast or Brace $16 – $250
Service Fee
LARC (long-acting reversible contraception) Insertion $135 – $201
Pap Smear $66
Wet Prep/KOH Prep $19 (each)

Please call Financial Services at 803-777-3174 for a full list of for-fee services and charge rates.


Special Enrollment Status & Partners 

Students with Special Enrollment Status are eligible for all services at Student Health Services. These same students can also choose to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan

Spouses/partners of students with a spousal (or Plus One) CarolinaCard can access Student Health Services. Spouses/partners can participate in group therapy and couples counseling. However, counseling sessions and psychiatric evaluations are not covered under the spouses/partners benefits. Spouses/partners should seek community mental health resources.

Children of students cannot access care at Student Health Services. Students can choose to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan for their spouse/partner and children. 


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