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Student Health Services

Tobacco Free USC

For the health and well-being of our Carolina Community, the USC Columbia campus is completely tobacco free. We help guide the efforts to adopt and enforce the tobacco-free campus policy.

A Completely Tobacco-Free Campus

As of January 1, 2014, the University of South Carolina Columbia campus is completely tobacco free. Read our tobacco-free campus policy [pdf].

All Forms of Tobacco Prohibited
Any type of tobacco is prohibited on USC leased, owned and controlled property. This includes smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain nicotine, a derivative of tobacco.

Applies to Everyone On Campus
The policy applies to students, staff, faculty, visitors, vendors, contractors, etc.

Policy Includes Vehicles
Tobacco is also prohibited in vehicles parked on USC property. You cannot use tobacco in your personal vehicle on campus.

Keeping Campus Tobacco Free

Enforcing the tobacco-free policy is everyone's responsibility. We encourage students and employees to politely and compassionately address violators and ask them to stop tobacco use on campus.

How to Approach Someone Using Tobacco

Use our script [pdf] to speak to someone using tobacco on campus. Assume that the person doesn't know the policy. In general, you smile, introduce yourself, inform them of the policy and ask them to not use tobacco products on campus.

Reporting Repeat Violators

Students: If a student doesn't comply with the policy after repeated reminders, you can file a Code of Conduct Violation Report with the Office of Student Conduct. 

Employees: Supervisors should address repeated violations following the guidelines in our supervisor toolkit [pdf] and the HR 1.39 disciplinary procedures policy [pdf].


Help Quitting or Managing Cravings

Nicotine Replacement On Campus
Gum, lozenges, patches and other nicotine replacement therapy options are available to buy at the Center for Health and Well-Being pharmacy. 

Quitting Tobacco
The Center for Health and Well-Being offers programs and help for students and employees who want to quit using tobacco. Learn about tobacco cessation.

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