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We can answer many of your questions concerning compensation and point you toward essential resources for setting up and managing your pay. 

Manage Your Payroll

Access your personal university data and make changes to your information using Employee Self Service.

Employees can complete electronic consent for year end tax forms through PeopleSoft Employee Service Service/Payroll.

Go to Employee Self Service »


Set Up or Change Direct Deposit

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Payroll Questions

Yes, employees can consent to receiving Form W2s only electronically by following these steps.

STEP 1:  Log into the HR/Payroll system at 

When you sign into the system, you will arrive at a web page that displays five Employee Self Service options (or “tiles”): Payroll, Personal Details, Benefit Details, USC Profile and Talent Profile. 

STEP 2:  Select the Payroll tile 

  • Click on “W-2/W-2c Consent” and read the disclaimer.  If you would like to proceed, check the box beside “I consent to receive W-2 or W-2c forms electronically”.  
  • Click “Submit”, a dialog box will open that requires the last 4 of your SSN.  
  • You will receive a confirmation email that you have consented to receive the form electronically. 

Once your consent forms have been submitted, they will remain valid until a Withdrawal of Consent Form is completed in PeopleSoft.  This means that your initial consent form will remain in effect for future years unless you wish to change your consent or your employment ends. 

Call us at 803-777-4227 immediately so we can process a stop payment request. We will issue another check within a week. If you find the lost check, bring it to the Payroll department at 1600 Hampton Street.

USC has partnered with Experian to automate the employment verification process. Experian Verify is an employment verification system that automates income and employment verification services for employees. This system provides income verification, employment verification, social service request, or a custom verification letter. It eliminates all internal manual verification labor for the University through a secure and employee consent-driven process.

Direct your verifier to to request your secure employment information.

Experian has employment data for all employees who have been employed since 1/1/2020, but if a verification request comes in for someone who separated from employment prior to 1/1/2020 Experian will be unable to provide verification. In these scenarios, please have the vendor or former employee reach out directly to the Payroll Office ( for verification.

Visit our Employment Verification page for more detailed information.

Your paycheck can be picked up at the Payroll department located at 1600 Hampton St., 7th floor. For employees at campuses besides Columbia, please contact your local HR representative for the central location at your respective campus.

Check with your department to make sure the timesheet was sent to Payroll by the processing date. If you are a new hire or are expecting a change in compensation, check with your department to make sure your HR actions were submitted by the specified deadlines.

See Processing Dates »

No. According to South Carolina law, employees cannot be paid any earlier than their scheduled pay date.

If you are a new hire whose direct deposit information is in process or you are changing direct deposit accounts, you may have one paycheck printed as a paper check until the direct deposit can be established and validated by the bank.

Payroll Deductions

No. A payroll deduction to your gross pay and a direct deposit authorization are two separate things.

Payroll deductions such as parking, Family Fund and United Way must be stopped by contacting that department directly. For other types of deductions, contact our department.

Court or state ordered deductions (such as child support or tax levies) cannot be stopped by the Payroll Office.

Effective April 1, 2019, the Benefits Office administers the benefits programs in PeopleSoft that either initiate, change or stop benefit deductions. The Benefits Office can assist with any benefits questions that translate into benefits deductions. 

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