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Approvers are responsible for ensuring that all of the information for a transaction is correct and complete before clicking the approval button and sending it to the next person in the workflow.

Many daily tasks are part of a larger process involving multiple people approving various transactions. For example, account funding changes and job changes all require approvals from a number of people. In the new system, designated people have the approver role, which gives them approval functionality.

The term "workflow" refers to processes that involve multiple users (including initiators and approvers) and the routing of information between the users. When an approver in the workflow approves a transaction in the system, it triggers a workflow notification via email to inform the next approver in the process of pending transactions.

Approvers have four selections after reviewing all the information for a given transaction:

  • Approve: use this option to approve the transaction and advance the form to the next approver.
  • Hold: use this option when an approver needs additional time to learn more before approving the transaction.
  • Deny: use this option to stop the transaction and send an email to the initiator.
  • Recycle: use this option to send an email to the initiator, with comments written by the approver that explain in specific terms what needs to be submitted for approval to proceed.

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