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Coronavirus Response: To find out more about the guidelines for returning to campus and to view student, parent and staff resources, see Campus Reopening and COVID-19 Resources on the website. Additional resources on the university's system response can be found on Columbia's coronavirus landing page.


Name Title Email East Campus West Campus
Nesmith, Chris Dean 843-782-8600 803-812-7330
Love, C. Bryan Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs 843-782-8675 803-812-7466
Brewer, Jane  Assistant Dean of Student Services, Athletic Director 843-782-8601 803-812-7317
Bonnette, Lisa Human Resources Manager 843-782-8612 803-812-7302
All, Jessica Director of Finance, Director of Facilities & Safety 843-782-8612 803-812-7398
Jackson, Tony Executive Director of Enrollment Management Services 843-782-8691 803-712-7303