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Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Wendy Regoeczi

Title: Professor, Department Chair
Department: Criminology and Criminal Justice
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-6537
Resources: Vitae [pdf]
Wendy Regoeczi has red hair and wears a patterned blouse and statement necklace


Wendy Regoeczi has been conducting research on homicide and violent crime for more than two decades. Dr. Regoeczi is the former editor of the journal Homicide Studies and previously served on the Research Advisory Council of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Her research interests include victimization, homicide, homicide followed by suicide, intimate partner violence, criminal investigations, violence prevention, child abuse, and program evaluation. Her research has been funded by local, state, and federal grants, including the National Institute of Justice and the National Science Foundation. Her most recent projects include serving as a local evaluator for the federally funded Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Demonstration Initiative and working with the Ohio Victim Witness Association on identifying best practices for working with family members of homicide victims. She is coauthor (with Terance Miethe) of Rethinking Homicide: Exploring the Structure and Process Underlying Deadly Situations, published by Cambridge University Press. 

Areas of Specialization

  • Homicide
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Violence Prevention
  • Program Evaluation


Westphaln, K. K., Manges, K. A., Regoeczi, W. C., Johnson, J., Ronis, S. D., & Spilsbury, J. C. (2022). Facilitators and barriers to children’s advocacy center-based multidisciplinary teamwork. Child Abuse & Neglect, 131, 105710.

Regoeczi, W. C., J. P. Jarvis, and A. Mancik. 2020. Homicide Investigations in Context: Exploring Explanations for the Divergent Impacts of Victim Race, Gender, Elderly Victims, and Firearms on Homicide Clearances. Homicide Studies. 20(1):25-44.

Boehnlein, T., Kretschmar, J., Regoeczi, W., & Smialek, J. (2020). Responding stalking victims: Perceptions, barriers, and directions for future research. Journal of Family Violence, 35(7), 755-768.

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