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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Faculty and Staff Directory

Gwendelyn Geidel

Title: Distinguished Research Professor Emerita
Department: Earth Ocean and Environment
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-7171
Office: Jones PSC, Room 108, SUM, Room 309
Resources: School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment
Dr. Gwen Geidel


  • Energy Resources
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Environmental Risks & Hazards
  • Society, Policy & Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Water Resources & Hydrology


Prediction, prevention and remediation of ground and surface water contamination caused by mining and other anthropogenic disturbances of the earth’s surface. Examples include investigations of rock-water interactions from mining activities (including both coal and metal mining in the US and Canada), the degradation of water quality from the oxidation of sulfide minerals, laboratory evaluation of acid and alkaline potentials from rock strata, field investigations of the long term effects of mining, and the implementation at field sites of constructed wetlands, anoxic limestone drains, alkaline trenches and other remediation and reclamation technologies.


  • Richard and Lela Barnhisel Researcher of the Year Award from the American Society of Mining and Reclamation. June 2012
  • Teacher of the Month Award, Patterson Hall, USC, Spring 2003
  • Order of Wig and Robe, 1989
  • Member of Sigma Xi, 1976
  • Member of Phi Beta Kappa, 1974


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