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Department of History


Get hands-on experience with research. Our award-winning faculty and many resources make it possible for you to study just about any subject. Conducting research will make you a better scholar while helping you find your passion in a dynamic field. 

“I can do this for school?” 

Historical research can be anything you find fascinating! Our students dive into subjects like music, art, film, science and technology, fashion and design, activism, architecture and more.

Learn how people lived and interacted with the world throughout time and share the voices of those who may not have told their stories before. 

Bring a fresh perspective to stories of the past 

From analyzing the Rosetta Stone to dissecting the cultural and political forces that led to the space race, historical researchers bring existing stories into a new light.

Our committed faculty members help you learn to understand history with proper context. Going beyond the usual touchstones, you’ll engage with real people and their cultures.

Get involved with historical research at USC 

Choose your own topic and work with a faculty member who specializes in that area. You can also take advantage of one of our graduate-level field schools or our on-campus museums. 

Our professors maintain a rich and diverse research schedule, including: 

  • 1970s America  
  • Magic in pre-modern Europe  
  • Biblical interpretation and natural philosophy in 16th century Italy  
  • Landmarks of the Confederacy

Find your direction

Academic advisors are available to discuss your research aims with you, especially as you select courses to inform your direction and consider plans for after graduation. Make an appointment with an academic advisor.


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