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Department of History

Recent Graduates

Recent Graduate Student Completions


M.A. Public History Students

Chelsea Grayburn. Topic: “Useful Beauty: Tiffany Favrile, Carnival Glass, and Consumerism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.” Advisor: Allison Marsh.

Patrice Green. Topic: “For the Common Man: An Analysis of the United States Space and Rocket Center.” Advisor: Allison Marsh. Current position: Research and Instruction Librarian, Special Collections Libraries, University of Georgia.

Katelynn Hatton. Topic: “Made to be Forgotten: The Chevalier de Saint-Sauveur & the Franco-American Alliance.” Advisor: Tom Brown.

Kate Schoen. Topic: “Raising America Racist: How 1920’s Klanswomen Used Education to Implement Systemic Racism.” Advisor: Tom Brown.

M.A. History Students

Roberto Flores de Apodaca. Topic: “Learning Church: Catechisms and Catechizing in Early New England.” Advisor: Woody Holton. Current position: PhD student, USC Department of History.


Ph.D. Students

Candace Cunningham. Topic: “’I Hope They Fire Me:’ Black Teachers in the Fight for Equal Education 1910s…” Advisor: Bobby Donaldson.

Gabriella Angeloni. Topic: “Reading Material: Personal Libraries and the Cultivation of Identity in Revolutionary South Carolina”. Advisor: Dan Littlefield.

Sadegh Foghani. Topic: “Ayatollahs and Embryos: Science, Politics, and Religion in…” Advisor: Joe November.

Antony Keane-Dawes. Topic: “A Divisive Community: Race, Nation, and Loyalty in Santo Domingo, 1822-1849.” Advisor: Matt Childs.

Brian Robinson. Topic: “The Popular Education Question in Antebellum South Carolina, 1800-1860.” Advisor: Val Littlefield.

Kate McFadden. Topic: “Garagecraft: Tinkering in the American Garage.” Advisor: Joe November.

Gary Sellick. Topic: “Black Men, Red Coats: The Carolina Corps, Race, and Society in the Revolutionary British Atlantic.” Advisor: Woody Holton.

Alexandria Russell. Topic: “Sites Seen and Unseen: Mapping African American Women’s Public Memorialization…” Advisor: Wanda Hendricks.

M.A. Public History Students

Olivia Brown. Topic: “‘Catering to the Local Trade’: Jewish-Owned Grocery Stores in Columbia, South Carolina.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff.

Moira Church. Topic: “Gladys Bentley and the Performance of Identity.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff.

Liz Koele. Topic: “‘Remember Them Not for How They Died’: American Memory and the Challenger Accident.” Advisor: Allison Marsh.

Emmaline Smith. Topic: “They Went to the Field and Were Forgotten: Female Civil War Soldiers in Public Memory.” Advisor: Bob Weyeneth.

Charlotte Adams. Topic: “Beyond Preservation: Reconstructing Sites of Slavery, Reconstruction, and Segregation.” Advisor: Bob Weyeneth.

Paul Bartow. Topic: “Politics and the Built Environment: Civic Structures of Eighteenth Century Williamsburg, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.” Advisor: Woody Holton.

Katy Kaslow. Topic: “Anti-Sabbatarianism in Antebellum America: The Christian Quarrel Over the Sanctity of Sunday.” Advisor: Nicole Maskiell.

M.A. History Students

Megan Bennett. Topic: “The Lost Ones: The Cold War State, Child Welfare Systems, and the Battles Over the Rosenberg Children.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff.

Burke Dial. Topic: “Constructing Scientific Knowledge: The Understanding of the Slow Virus, 1898-1976.” Advisor: Joe November.

Michelle Herbelin. Topic: “Of Cannonades and Battlecries: Aurality, The Battle of the Alamo, and Memory.” Advisor: Mark Smith.

Kyle Sanders. Topic: “Perks of Perkins: Understanding Where Magic and Religion Meet for an Early Modern English Theologian.” Advisor: Kay Edwards.

Sarah Paulsen. Topic: “Black Power and Neighborhood Organizing in Minneapolis, MN: The Way Community Center, 1966-1971.”


Ph.D. Students

Jennifer Gunter. Topic: “Sex and the State: Sexual Politics in SC in the 1970s.” Advisor: Marjorie Spruill. Current position: Bridge Humanities Corps Fellow, University of South Carolina.

Erin Holmes. Topic: “Within the House of Bondage: Constructing and Negotiating the Plantation Landscape in the British Atlantic World, 1670-1820.” Advisor: Woody Holton. Current position: Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Curatorial Fellow at the American Philosophical Society.

Andrew Kettler. Topic: “Odor and Power in the Americas: Olfactory Consciousness from Columbus to Emancipation.” Advisor: Mark Smith. Current position: Adjunct Instructor, University of South Carolina

Matthew Lockhart. Topic: “From Rice Fields to Duck Marshes: Sport Hunters and Environmental Changes…” Advisor: Bob Weyeneth. Current position: Editor, South Carolina Historical Magazine

James Risk. Topic: “Lamps, Maps, Mud-Machines, and Signal Flags: Science, Technology, and Commerce in the Early United States.” Advisor: Allison Marsh. Current position: Adjunct Instructor, University of South Carolina

Jennifer Taylor. Topic: “Rebirth of the House Museum: The Woodrow Wilson Family Home and…” Advisor: Allison Marsh. Current position: Assistant Professor of Public History, Duquesne University

Mark VanDriel. Topic: “Buy For the Sake of Your Baby: Guardian Consumerism in Twentieth Century America.” Advisor: Marjorie Spruill.


M.A. Public History Students

Joshua Whitfield. Current position: Curator, Amelia Island Museum of History

Catherine Davenport Flowers. Current position: Academic Advisor, University of South Carolina Honors College

Justin Davis

John Lustrea. Current position: Museum of Civil War Medicine

Cane West. Current position: PhD student, University of South Carolina Department of History


M.A. History Students

Christian Lear



Ph.D. Students

Randall Owens. Topic: “G.I. Joe v. Jim Crow: Legal Battles over Off-Base School Segregation of Military Children in the American South, 1962-1964,” Advisor: Marjorie Spruill. Current position: United States Air Force

Caroline Peyton. Topic: “Radioactive Dixie: A History of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Waste in the American South, 1950-1990,” Advisor: Kent Germany


Neal Polhemus. Topic: “A Culture of Commodification: Hemispheric and Intercolonial Migrations in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1660-1807.” Advisor: Matt Childs.


Chaz Yingling. Topic: “Colonialism Unraveling: Race, Religion, and National Belonging in Santo Domingo during the Age of Revolutions.” Advisor: Matt Childs.


Jamie Wilson. Topic: “Proslavery Thinking in Antebellum South Carolina: Higher Education, Transatlantic Encounters, and the Life of the Mind.” Advisor: Mark Smith. Current position: Adjunct Instructor, University of South Carolina


M.A. Public History Students

Kyle Bjornson. Current position: Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Stephanie Gray. Current position: Ph.D. student, University of South Carolina

Sarah Lerch. Current position: Museum Educator, Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Chris Fite. Current position: PhD student, University of Pennsylvania

Janie Campbell. Current position: Rogers Lewis Jackson Mann & Quinn, LLC, Columbia

Alyssa Constad. Current position: General Foundation of Women’s Clubs, Washington DC

Kathy Keenan. Current position: Honors College, USC

Sarah Moore

Will Mundhenke. Current position: Park Ranger for the National Park Service at Capulin Volcano National Monument

Gary Sellick. Current position: Ph.D. student, University of South Carolina

Allison Baker

Casey Lee. Current position: Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville TN




Ph.D. Students

Alan Driggers.  Topic: “Boundary Stones: Morbid Concretions and the Chemistry of Early Nineteenth Century Medicine,”  Advisor: Ann Johnson.  Current Position: Assistant Professor, Tennessee Technical University.

Evan Kutzler.  Topic: “The Sensory Environments of Civil War Prisons,”  Advisor: Mark M. Smith. Current position: Assistant Professor, Georgia Southwestern State University.

Timothy Minella.  Topic: “Knowing America: The Enlightenment, Science, and the Early Republic,”  Advisor: Ann Johnson. Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University

Rachel Monroy.  Topic: “On the Trade Winds of Faith: Puritan Networks in the making of the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World,” Advisor:  Daniel C. Littlefield.

Nathan Saunders.  Topic: “Megachurches in America,” Advisor: Lawrence Glickman.  Current Position: Curator of Manuscripts, South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina.

Mark T. Evans. Topic: “Main Street, America: Histories of I-95”. Advisor: Mark Smith.


M.A. Public History Students

Clara Bertagnolli

Kate Crosby. Current position: Curator of Exhibitions, McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina.

Kristie DaFoe. Current position: Tryon Palace, North Carolina

Diana Garnett. Current position: HDR Architectural and Engineering, Colorado

Britney Ghee

Kayla Halberg. Current position: Historic Charleston Foundation, South Carolina

Max Imberman

Robert Olguin



Ph. D. Students

David Dangerfield.  Topic: “A Hard Row to Hoe: Free Black Farmers in the Antebellum South,” Advisor: Mark M. Smith.  Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, Salkahatchie.

Laura Foxworth.  Topic:  The Spiritual is Political: The Modern Women’s Movement and the Transformation of the Southern Baptist Convention,” Advisor:  Marjorie Spruill.  Current Position: Managing Editor, French Historical Studies.

Margaret Gillikin.  Topic: “Saint Dominguan Refugees in Charleston, SC, 1791-1822: Assimilation Accomodation in a Slave Society,”  Advisor: Daniel C. Littlefield:  Current Position: Assistant Professor, Winthrop University.

Tyler Parry.  Topic:  “Love and Marriage: Domestic Relations and Matrimonial Strategies Among the Enslaved in the Atlantic World,”  Advisor: Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Fullerton.

Eric Rose.  Topic: “The Charleston School of Slavery: Race, Religion and Community in the Capital of Southern Civilization,”  Advisor:  Lacy Ford. Current position: Adjunct Professor, University of South Carolina

Sarah Scripps.  “Science Fairs before Sputnik: Adolescent Hobbyists and the Formation of Youth Scientific Communities in Contemporary America,” Advisor: Allison Marsh.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Glenda Elizabeth Sherouse.  Topic: “The Politics of Homosexuality in the Twentieth Century Black Freedom Struggle”  Advisor:  Patricia Sullivan.  Current Position:  ACLS Public Fellow, Human Rights Campaign.

Ann Tucker.  “Newest Born of Nations: Southern Thought on European Nationalisms and the Creation of the Confederacy, 1820-1865,”  Advisor:  Don Doyle.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of North Georgia.

Luci Vaden.  Topic:  “The Corridor of Shame: The African-American Struggle for Quality Education after Jim Crow,”  Advisor:  Patricia Sullivan. Current position: Instructor, Liberty University 


M.A. Public History Students

Kimberly Campbell.  Current Position:  Historic Macon Foundation, Georgia.

Brian Dolphin.  Current Position:  Columbia Museum of Art.

Timothy Hyder. Current Position:  Spartanburg County Historical Assoication

Meg Southern.  Current Position:  University of South Carolina




Ph. D. Students

Tiffany Nicole Florvil.  Topic: “Writing Across Differences: Afro-Germans, Gender and Diaspora, 197—1990s,”  Advisor:  Ann Johnson.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico.

Robert Lass.  Topic: “The United States Air Force and the Origins of the Information Age,”  Advisor: S.P. MacKenzie.  Current Position:  Air University.

Barry Malone. Topic: “Divine Discontent: Nathan Carter Newbold, White Liberals, Black Education and the Making of the Jim Crow South,”  Advisor:  Valinda Littlefield.  Current Position: Associate Professor, Wake Technical Community College.

Tara Strauch.  Topic: “Taking Oaths and Giving Thanks: Ritual and Religion in Revolutionary America,”  Advisor: Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Centre College.


M.A. Public History Students

Angi Fuller-Wildt. Current Position:  University of South Carolina.

Shane Lesko.   Current Position:  Americans for Prosperity, Iowa.

Caitlin Mans. Current Position:  Aurora History Museum, Colorado.

Amanda Noll.  Current Position:  Lowcountry Digital History Initiative, College of Charleston.

Kary Pardy. Current Position:  Pook and Pook Auction House, Pennsylvania.

Caroline Sexton. Current Position:  Spartanburg County Historical Association




Ph.D. Students

Joshua Burgess.  Topic:  “Tracing the Finger of God: The Role of Wonders in Catholic Spirituality in Early America,”  Advisor:  Jessica Kross.

Ehren Foley.  Topic: “Masculinity and Reconstruction in South Carolina,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  National Register of Historic Places, South Carolina Department of Achives and History.

Phillip C. Richardson, Jr.  Topic:  Gaslight, Progress, and the Old South, 1801-1865,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position: Assistant Professor William Carey University.

Michael Woods.  Topic: “The History of Emotion and the Coming of the US Civil War,” Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Marshall University.


M.A. Public History Students

Katherine Thompson Allen. Current Position:  South Caroliniana Library.


Sarah Conlon. Current Position:  Mississippi Department of Archives and History.


Gabrielle Dudley. Current Position:  Emory University Libraries, Georgia.


Haley Grant. Current Position:  Savannah River Archaeological Research Program.


Katherine Klein. Current Position:  Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.


Evan Kutzler.  Current Position:  Completed USC Ph.D. program.


Caitlin Podas. Current Position:  Mississippi Museum of Art.


Jo Ann Zeise. Current Position:  South Carolina State Museum.




Ph.D. Students

Justin Liles.  Topic: “Thomas Sumter’s Law: Slavery in the Southern Backcountry During the American Revolution,”  Advisor:  Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position:  Instructor, Colorado Mesa University.


Rebecca Miller.  Topic: “Reporting Race and Resistance in Dixie: The White Mississippi Press and Civil Right, 1944-1964,”  Advisor: Patricia Sullivan.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Kansas City.


Mary Mac Ogden.  Topic: “Wil Lou Gray and the Politics of Progress in South Carolina,”  Advisor:  Wanda Hendricks.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, South College.


Rebecca Swanson.  Topic: “Comparative Analysis of Natural Disasters,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Associate Vice Provost, North Carolina State University.


M.A. Public History Students

Jennifer Betsworth. Current Position:  New York State Historic Preservation Office.


Rebecca Bush. Current Position:  Columbus Museum, Georgia.


Lee Durbetaki. Current Position:  Historical Consultant, Oregon.


Sarah Swinney Epps. Current Position:  Half Price Books, Oklahoma.


Laura Foxworth.  Current Position:  Completed USC Ph.D. program.


Anjuli Granthami. Current Position:  Baranov Museum, Alaska.


Justin McIntyre. Current Position:  Ellwood National Forge, Pennsylvania.


Sarah Scripps.  Current Position:  Completed USC Ph.D. program.


Ashley Stevens. Current Position:  Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


Claire White. Nantucket Historical Association, Massachusetts




Ph.D. Students

David S. Brown.  Topic:  “Pathways to Power: Charleston Physicians, 1790-1860,”  Advisor: Don H. Doyle.


Michelle Coffey.  Topic: “Proving for our Communities, Protecting Our Race, Proving Ourselves: African American Activism and Protest in Depression Era New Orleans,” Advisor:  Wanda Hendricks.  Current Position:  Instructor, University of Memphis.


D. Lee McAbee.  Topic:  “Papist Peers and Politics: The Roman Catholic Nobility of England, 1688-1719,”  Advisor:  Kathryn Edwards.


David Prior.  Topic: “Reconstruction Unbound: American Worldviews in a Period of Promise and Conflict, 1865-1974,” Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico.


Kathryn M. Silva.  Topic: “Six Days Thou Shalt Labor: African-Americans in the Southern Textile Industry, 1895-1929,”  Advisor:  Valinda Littlefield.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Utica College.


Louis Venters.  Topic:  “Most Great Reconstruction: The Baha’I Faith in Jim Crow South Carolina,”  Advisor:  Patricia Sullivan.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor Francis Marion University.


M.A. Public History Students

Liz Almlie. Current Position:  South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office.


Ashley Bouknight. Current Position:  The Hermitage: Home of President Andrew Jackson, Tennessee.


Ruth Chan. Current Position:  National Museum of the Pacific War, California.


Kyna Herzinger. Current Position:  North Carolina State Archives.


Celia James.  Current Position:  Historic Columbia


Amanda Roddy Holland. Current Position:  Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, Arkansas.


Amanda Bowman Machik. Current Position:  Daniel Boone Homestead, Pennsylvania.


Lauren Safranek. Current Position:  Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.




M.A. Public History Students


Jami Cassidy Boone. Current Position:  South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum.


Halie Brazier. Current Position:  South Carolina State Library.


Carrie Giauque. Current Position:  C & K Historic Consulting, Maryland


Nate Johnson. Current Position:  National Park Service, Washington, D.C.


Morgen Young. Current Position:  Alder, LLC, Oregon.




Ph.D. Students

Sara Eye Burrows.  Topic:  “Left to Our Fate: South Carolina Women During the Civil War and Reconstruction,”  Advisor:  Lacy Ford.  Current Position:  University of South Carolina.


Neal Millikan.  Topic: “Willing to be in Fortune’s Wary: Lotteries in the Eighteenth Century British North American Empire,”  Advisor:  Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  

Digital Projects Editor, Adams Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society).”


Christopher Rounds.  Topic:  “Ireland for Sale: The Marketing and Consumerism of Irish-American Identity,”  Advisor:  Lawrence Glickman.  Current Position:


Simmons Tate.  Topic:  “South Carolina’s Reception of English Law,”  Advisor: Lacy Ford.


M.A. Public History Students

Alisha Cromwell. Current Position:  PhD candidate, University of Georgia.


Jan Levinson Hebbard. Current Position:  Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, Georgia.


Santi Thompson. Current Position:  University of Houston Libraries, Texas.


Lindsay Weathers.  Current Position:  Midlands Technical College.




Ph.D. Students

Eric Cheezum.  Topic:  “Discovering Chessie: Waterfront, Regional Identity, and the Chesapeake Bay Sea Monster, 1960-1920,” Advisor: Kendrick Clements.  Current Position: Chesapeake College.


Scott Hileman.  Topic:  “Sir Thomas Picton, 1758-1815,”  Advisor:  Owen Connelly.  Current Position:  Associate Professor Martin Methodist College.


Rebecca Shrum.  Topic: “Mirroring Others/Fashioning Selves: A History of the Looking Glass in America,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.


M.A Public History Students

Lindsay Crawford Crick. Current Position:   University of Kansas Endowment.


McKenzie Kubly Falvo. Current Position:  State Farm Insurance, Washington.


J.R. Fennell. Current Position:  Lexington County Museum.


Matt Hebert. Current Position:  United States Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.


Kate O’Donnell Hopfer. Current Position:  Texas State Historical Association.


Ashley Bowden Hunnicutt. Current Position:  Mercer University, Georgia.


Alexis Thompson Rager. Current Position:  National Museum of the Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.


Patricia Shandor. Current Position:  Lexington County Museum.


Jim Steele. Current Position:  North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.


Steven Wells.  Current Position:  City Council, Georgia


Christopher Ziegler. Current Position:  National Park Service, Montana.




Ph.D. Students

Jacob Blosser.  Topic: “Pursuing Happiness: Cultural Discourse and Popular Religion in Anglican Virginia, 1700-1770,”  Advisor: Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, Texas Women’s University.


Aaron Haberman.  Topic:  “Civil Rights on the Right: The Modern Christian Right and the Crusade for School Prayer,”  Advisor:  Patrick Maney.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado.


Jimmy Randall Grant.  Topic:  “Louis Francis Budenz: The Origins of a Professional Anti-Communist,”  Advisor: Kendrick Clements.  Current Position:  Spartanburg Methodist College.


Kathleen Hilliard.  Topic: “Spending in Black and White: The Slaves’ Economy in the Antebellum South,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Associate Professor Iowa State University. 


Adam Mack.  Topic: “Good Things to Eat in Suburbia: Supermarkets and American Consumer Culture, 1930-1970,”  Advisor:  Lawrence Glickman.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, School of the Art Insitute of Chicago.


Aaron Marrs.  Topic: “The Iron Horse Turns South: A Cultural History of Antebellum Southern Railroads,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Office of the Historian, State Department.


Brion McClanahan.  Topic:  “A Lonely Opposition: James A. Bayard, Jr. and the American Civil War,”  Advisor: Clyde Wilson.


Eric Plaag.  Topic: “Strangers in a Strange Land: Northern Travellers and the Coming of the American Civil War,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith. Current position: Founder and Principal Consultant, Carolina Historical Consulting, LLC.


Brenda Schoolfield.  Topic: “For the Better Relief of the Poor of this Parish: Public Poor Relief in Eighteenth Century Charles Town, South Carolina,”  Advisor: Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  Bob Jones University.


Melissa Jane Taylor.  Topic: “Experts in Misery: American Consuls in Austria, Jewish Refugees, and Restrictionist Immigration Policy, 1938-1941.”  Advisor: Robert Herzstein.  Current Position: Office of the Historian, State Department.


Kelli C. Walsh.  Topic: “Oveta Culp Hobby: A Transformational Leader from the Texas Legislature to Washington, DC,”  Advisor:  Marcia Synnott.  Current Position: Associate Professor, Fayetteville State University.

M.A Public History Students

Lauren Ham Ayers. Current Position:  Maryland Humanities Council.


Anna Kuntz Elam. Current Position:  Seattle Art Museum, Washington.


Stephanie Stewart. Current Position:  Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University, California.




Ph.D. Students

Tyler Boulware.  Topic: “Rim of the Gap: Negotiating Identity on the Southern Colonial Frontier,”  Advisor:  Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, West Virginia University.


Kevin Dawson.  Topic: “Enslaved Watermen in the Atlantic World, 1444-1888,”  Advisor:  Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position: Associate Professor, University of California, Merced. 


Wes Gantt.  Topic:  “Irish Terrorism, British Counter-Terrorism and United States Foreign Policy, 1865-1922,”  Advisor: Kendrick Clements.  Current Position: University of South Carolina.


Jeremy Richards.  Topic: “The Political Life of Stanley Fletcher Morse,”  Advisor: Marcia Synnott.  Current Position: Associate Professor, Gordon State College.


M.A Public History Students

Heather Carpini. Current Position:  S&ME Historical Consulting.


Drusilla Carter. Current Position:  Willimantic Public Library, Connecticut.


Rebekah Dobrasko. Current Position:  Texas Department of Transportation.


Jody Graichen. Current Position:  Historic Preservation Consultant, Georgia


Elizabeth Coker Hamlett. Current Position:  Furman University.


Krissy Dunn Johnson. Current Position:  The Hammond School.


Georgette Mayo. Current Position:  Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture.


Staci Richey. Current Position:  City of Columbia Planning and Preservation Office.


Beth Wiedower. Current Position:  National Trust for Historic Preservation, Texas.

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