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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

  • Police Officer Working Traffic at Night

The EPPS Team

Meet the Excellence in Policing and Public Safety (EPPS) Program team, as well as its advisory board, affiliates and fellows.

  • Jackie Swindler

    Jackie Swindler (Co-Chair)

    Director, SC Criminal Justice Academy

  • Wendy Regoeczi

    Wendy Regoeczi (Co-Chair)

    Chair, USC Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • Jarrod Bruder

    Jarrod Bruder

    Executive Director, SC Sheriff's Association

  • Anthony Dennis

    Anthony Dennis

    Sheriff, Sumter County Sheriff's Office

  • JJ Jones

    JJ Jones

    Executive Director, SC Police Chiefs' Association

  • Kayin Jones

    Kayin Jones

    Professor & Community Advocate, Benedict College

  • Melron Kelly

    Melron Kelly

    Deputy Chief, Columbia Police Department

  • Leon Lott

    Leon Lott

    Sheriff, Richland County Sheriff's Office

  • Jesica Mackey

    Jesica Mackey

    Representative (Richland County), NP Strategy

  • Greg Mullen

    Greg Mullen

    AVP for Public Safety & Chief of Police, Clemson University

  • Amy Prock

    Amy Prock

    Chief of Police, Myrtle Beach Police Department

  • Kassy Alia Ray

    Kassy Alia Ray

    Founder, Serve & Connect

  • Robert Stewart

    Robert Stewart

    Chief (Ret.), SKA Consulting Services

  • Sheryl Victorian

    Sheryl Victorian

    Chief of Police, Waco Police Department

  • Mike Hemlepp

    Mike Hemlepp

    Senior Attorney, City of Columbia Attorney's Office

  • Henry Brown

    Henry Brown

    Research Fellow



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