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Recent Publications

Researchers at the Arnold School of Public Health published a record-breaking 595 peer-reviewed journal articles in 2018. Our most recent publications (compiled from a search conducted for June 2019 and other publications reported by authors/departments during that same timeframe) can be found below in random order. If you have a correction or would like to submit a publication for the next update to this page (around the middle of each month), please use our form.   

Support Tools for Preference-Sensitive Decisions in Healthcare: Where Are We? Where Do We Go? How Do We Get There? Osterm ann J, Brown DS, van Til JA, Bansback N, Légaré F, Marshall DA, Bewtra M.Patient. 2019 Jun 29. doi: 10.1007/s40271-019-00372-z.

Rural-urban differences in access to thoracic surgery in the United States, 2010-2014. Eberth JM, Crouch E, Josey MJ, Zahnd WE, Adams SA, Stiles B, Schootman M. Ann Thorac Surg. 2019 Jun 22. pii: S0003-4975(19)30879-3. doi: 10.1016/j.athoracsur.2019.04.113. 

The effectiveness of interdisciplinary intensive outpatient programs in a population with diverse chronic pain conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Bujak BK, Regan E, Beattie PF, Harrington S. Pain Manag. 2019 Jun 25. doi: 10.2217/pmt-2018-0087.

Dietary Inflammatory Index, Dietary Non-Enzymatic Antioxidant Capacity, and Colorectal and Breast Cancer Risk (MCC-Spain Study). Obón-Santacana M, Romaguera D, Gracia-Lavedan E, Molinuevo A, Molina-Montes E, Shivappa N, Hebert JR, Tardón A, Castaño-Vinyals G, Moratalla F, Guinó E, Marcos-Gragera R, Azpiri M, Gil L, Olmedo-Requena R, Lozano-Lorca M, Alguacil J, Fernández-Villa T, Martín V, Molina AJ, Ederra M, Moreno-Iribas C, Perez B, Aragonés N, Castello A, Huerta JM, Dierssen-Sotos T, Gómez-Acebo I, Molina-Barceló A, Pollán M, Kogevinas M, Moreno V, Amiano P. Nutrients. 2019 Jun 21;11(6). pii: E1406. doi: 10.3390/nu11061406.

The cost of improving nutritional outcomes through food-assisted maternal and child health and nutrition programs in Burundi and Guatemala. Heckert J, Leroy JL, Olney D, Richter S, Iruhiriye E, Ruel M. Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Jun 24:e12863. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12863.

Association of Food and General Parenting Practices with Young Children's Dietary Behaviors and the Role of Child Difficulty in Self-regulation (OR03-05-19). Nguyen H, Frongillo E, Blake C, Shapiro C, Frith A. Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz048.OR03-05-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz048.OR03-05-19.

Evaluation of a Food Hub Initiative's Effect on Food Shoppers' Perceptions, Shopping Behavior, Diet, and Weight in a Community of Low Income and Low Access to Healthy Food (OR16-06-19). Sharpe P, Wilcox S, Bell B, Liese A, Stucker J, Hutto B. Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz051.OR16-06-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz051.OR16-06-19.

Maternal Dietary Inflammatory Potential and Quality Are Associated with Offspring Asthma Risk over 10-year Follow-up: The Lifeways Cross-Generation Cohort Study (OR35-05-19). Chen LW, Navarro P, Shivappa N, Mehegan J, Murrin C, Hebert J, Kelleher C, Phillips C. Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz048.OR35-05-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz048.OR35-05-19.

Stressful Life Changes Affect Nutrition-Related Health Outcomes Among US Army Soldiers (P18-070-19). Jayne J, Blake C, Frongillo E, Liese A, Cai B, Nelson DA, Kurina L, Funderburk L. Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz039.P18-070-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz039.P18-070-19.

Satisfying Children's Desire: A Primary Value Driving Parents' Food Purchasing Decisions for Elementary-school-aged Children in South Carolina (P10-043-19). Monalisa N, Frongillo E, Blake C, Steck S, DiPietro R. Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz034.P10-043-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz034.P10-043-19.

Prevalence of vaping and smoking among adolescents in Canada, England, and the United States: repeat national cross sectional surveys. Hammond D, Reid JL, Rynard VL, Fong GT, Cummings KM, McNeill A, Hitchman S, Thrasher JF, Goniewicz ML, Bansal-Travers M, O'Connor R, Levy D, Borland R, White CM. BMJ. 2019 Jun 20;365:l2219. doi: 10.1136/bmj.l2219.

An Interdisciplinary Weight Loss Program Improves Body Composition and Metabolic Profile in Adolescents With Obesity: Associations With the Dietary Inflammatory Index. Ferreira YAM, Kravchychyn ACP, Vicente SCF, Campos RMDS, Tock L, Oyama LM, Boldarine VT, Masquio DCL, Thivel D, Shivappa N, Hébert JR, Dâmaso AR. Front Nutr. 2019 Jun 3;6:77. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2019.00077.

Parenting styles are associated with overall child dietary quality within low-income and food-insecure households. Burke MP, Jones SJ, Frongillo EA, Blake CE, Fram MS. Public Health Nutr. 2019 Jun 17:1-9. doi: 10.1017/S1368980019001332.

Dietary Inflammatory Index and Sleep Quality in Southern Italian Adults. Godos J, Ferri R, Caraci F, Cosentino FII, Castellano S, Shivappa N, Hebert JR, Galvano F, Grosso G. Nutrients. 2019 Jun 13;11(6). pii: E1324. doi: 10.3390/nu11061324.

Randomized Controlled Trial of a 4-Week Mindfulness Intervention among Cancer Survivors Compared to a Breathing Control. Wirth MD, Franco R, Wagner Robb S, Daniels K, Susko K, Hudson MF, O'Rourke MA. Cancer Invest. 2019;37(4-5):227-232. doi: 10.1080/07357907.2019.1610968.

Age- and sex- specific all-cause mortality risk greatest in metabolic syndrome combinations with elevated blood pressure from 7 U.S. cohorts. Yu WW, Randhawa AK, Blair SN, Sui X, Kuk JL. PLoS One. 2019 Jun 13;14(6):e0218307. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0218307.

Impact of dietary protein intake and obesity on lean mass in middle-aged individuals after a 12-year follow-up: The Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study (KoGES). So E, Choi SK, Joung H. Br J Nutr. 2019 Jun 10:1-21. doi: 10.1017/S000711451900117X.

Association of Dimethylguanidino Valeric Acid With Partial Resistance to Metabolic Health Benefits of Regular Exercise. Robbins JM, Herzig M, Morningstar J, Sarzynski MA, Cruz DE, Wang TJ, Gao Y, Wilson JG, Bouchard C, Rankinen T, Gerszten RE. JAMA Cardiol. 2019 Jun 5. doi: 10.1001/jamacardio.2019.1573. [Epub ahead of print]

Behavior Change Interventions Delivered through Interpersonal Communication, Agricultural Activities, Community Mobilization, and Mass Media Increase Complementary Feeding Practices and Reduce Child Stunting in Ethiopia. Kim SS, Nguyen PH, Yohannes Y, Abebe Y, Tharaney M, Drummond E, Frongillo EA, Ruel MT, Menon P. J Nutr. 2019 Jun 5. pii: nxz087. doi: 10.1093/jn/nxz087.

A multi-site case study of community-clinical linkages for promoting HPV vaccination. Brandt HM, Vanderpool RC, Curry SJ, Farris P, Daniel-Ulloa J, Seegmiller L, Stradtman LR, Vu T, Taylor V, Zubizarreta M. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2019 Jun 3:1-8. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2019.1616501.

Prediagnostic Proinflammatory Dietary Potential Is Associated with All-Cause Mortality among African-American Women with High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma. Peres LC, Hebert JR, Qin B, Guertin KA, Bandera EV, Shivappa N, Camacho TF, Chyn D, Alberg AJ, Barnholtz-Sloan JS, Bondy ML, Cote ML, Funkhouser E, Moorman PG, Peters ES, Schwartz AG, Terry PD, Schildkraut JM. J Nutr. 2019 Jun 1. pii: nxz098. doi: 10.1093/jn/nxz098.

Spatially-explicit survival modeling with discrete grouping of cancer predictors. Onicescu G, Lawson AB, Zhang J, Gebregziabher M, Wallace K, Eberth JM. Spat Spatiotemporal Epidemiol. 2019 Jun;29:139-148. doi: 10.1016/j.sste.2018.06.001.

Anatomy of Constructive Peer Review. Horner RD, Lines LM. Med Care. 2019 Jun;57(6):399-400. doi: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000001116.

Physical Activity and Health in Children Younger than 6 Years: A Systematic Review. Pate RR, Hillman CH, Janz KF, Katzmarzyk PT, Powell KE, Torres A, Whitt-Glover MC; 2018 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY GUIDELINES ADVISORY COMMITTEE*. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2019 Jun;51(6):1282-1291. doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000001940.

Physical Activity and the Prevention of Weight Gain in Adults: A Systematic Review. Jakicic JM, Powell KE, Campbell WW, Dipietro L, Pate RR, Pescatello LS, Collins KA, Bloodgood B, Piercy KL; 2018 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY GUIDELINES ADVISORY COMMITTEE*. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2019 Jun;51(6):1262-1269. doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000001938.

Effectiveness of a national quality improvement programme to improve survival after emergency abdominal surgery (EPOCH): a stepped-wedge cluster-randomised trial. Peden CJ, Stephens T, Martin G, Kahan BC, Thomson A, Rivett K, Wells D, Richardson G, Kerry S, Bion J, Pearse RM; Enhanced Peri-Operative Care for High-risk patients (EPOCH) trial group. Lancet. 2019 Jun 1;393(10187):2213-2221. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)32521-2.

Homelessness in Childhood and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Radcliff E, Crouch E, Strompolis M, Srivastav A. Matern Child Health J. 2019 Jun;23(6):811-820. doi: 10.1007/s10995-018-02698-w.

Prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among US children. Crouch E, Probst JC, Radcliff E, Bennett KJ, McKinney SH. Child Abuse Negl. 2019 Jun;92:209-218. doi: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2019.04.010.

Cross-sectional and longitudinal association of non-exercise estimated cardiorespiratory fitness with depression and anxiety in the general population: The HUNT study. Shigdel R, Stubbs B, Sui X, Ernstsen L. J Affect Disord. 2019 Jun 1;252:122-129. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2019.04.016.

Disparities in breast cancer subtypes among women in the lower Mississippi Delta Region states. Zahnd WE, Sherman RL, Klonoff-Cohen H, McLafferty SL, Farner S, Rosenblatt KA. Cancer Causes Control. 2019 Jun;30(6):591-601. doi: 10.1007/s10552-019-01168-0.

Physical Education Policies in US Schools: Differences by School Characteristics. Michael SL, Brener N, Lee SM, Clennin M, Pate RR. J Sch Health. 2019 Jun;89(6):494-502. doi: 10.1111/josh.12762.

Sedentary behavior after breast cancer: motivational, demographic, disease, and health status correlates of sitting time in breast cancer survivors. Gavin KL, Welch WA, Conroy DE, Kozey-Keadle S, Pellegrini C, Cottrell A, Nielsen A, Solk P, Siddique J, Phillips SM.Ca ncer Causes Control. 2019 Jun;30(6):569-580. doi: 10.1007/s10552-019-01153-7.

Behavioral Correlates of Muscular Fitness in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review. Smith JJ, Eather N, Weaver RG, Riley N, Beets MW, Lubans DR. Sports Med. 2019 Jun;49(6):887-904. doi: 10.1007/s40279-019-01089-7.

Trajectories of body mass index among active-duty U.S. Army soldiers, 2011-2014. Jayne JM, Blake CE, Frongillo EA, Liese AD, Cai B, Nelson DA, Kurina LM, Funderburk L. Prev Med Rep. 2019 Feb 5;14:100818. doi: 10.1016/j.pmedr.2019.01.022.

Disparities in childhood overweight and obesity by income in the United States: an epidemiological examination using three nationally representative datasets. Weaver RG, Brazendale K, Hunt E, Sarzynski MA, Beets MW, White K. Int J Obes (Lond). 2019 Jun;43(6):1210-1222. doi: 10.1038/s41366-019-0331-2.

Prevalence of awareness, ever-use and current use of nicotine vaping products (NVPs) among adult current smokers and ex-smokers in 14 countries with differing regulations on sales and marketing of NVPs: cross-sectional findings from the ITC Project. Gravely S, Driezen P, Ouimet J, Quah ACK, Cummings KM, Thompson ME, Boudreau C, Hammond D, McNeill A, Borland R, Thrasher JF, Edwards R, Omar M, Hitchman SC, Yong HH, Barrientos-Gutierrez T, Willemsen MC, Bianco E, Boado M, Goma FM, Seo HG, Nargis N, Jiang Y, Perez CA, Fong GT. Addiction. 2019 Jun;114(6):1060-1073. doi: 10.1111/add.14558.

Income, Race and its Association with Obesogenic Behaviors of U.S. Children and Adolescents, NHANES 2003-2006. Hunt ET, Brazendale K, Dunn C, Boutté AK, Liu J, Hardin J, Beets MW, Weaver RG. J Community Health. 2019 Jun;44(3):507-518. doi: 10.1007/s10900-018-00613-6.

Exercise Training Prevents Doxorubicin-induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction of the Liver. Hinkley JM, Morton AB, Ichinoseki-Sekine N, Huertas AM, Smuder AJ. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2019 Jun;51(6):1106-1115. doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000001887.

Systematically Observed Movement Integration in a Low Socioeconomic School District: A Cross-Sectional, Observational Study. Stewart G, Webster CA, Brian A, Stodden D, Egan CA, Weaver RG. Am J Health Promot. 2019 Jun;33(5):749-755. doi: 10.1177/0890117118819348.

African-American sexual minority adolescents and sexual health disparities: An exploratory cross-sectional study. Norris AL, Brown LK, DiClemente RJ, Valois RF, Romer D, Vanable PA, Carey MP. J Natl Med Assoc. 2019 Jun;111(3):302-309. doi: 10.1016/j.jnma.2018.11.001.

Are the Same Health Warnings Effective Across Different Countries? An Experimental Study in Seven Countries. Hammond D, Reid JL, Driezen P, Thrasher JF, Gupta PC, Nargis N, Li Q, Yuan J, Boudreau C, Fong GT, Cummings KM, Borland R. Nicotine Tob Res. 2019 Jun 21;21(7):887-895. doi: 10.1093/ntr/nty248.

Correction to: The association between the inflammatory potential of diet and risk of developing, and survival following, a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Nagle CM, Ibiebele T, Shivappa N, Hébert JR, DeFazio A, Webb PM; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study. Eur J Nutr. 2019 Jun;58(4):1757. doi: 10.1007/s00394-018-1816-9.

The association between the inflammatory potential of diet and risk of developing, and survival following, a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Nagle CM, Ibiebele T, Shivappa N, Hébert JR, DeFazio A, Webb PM; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study. Eur J Nutr. 2019 Jun;58(4):1747-1756. doi: 10.1007/s00394-018-1779-x.

Rise Up, Get Tested, and Live: an Arts-Based Colorectal Cancer Educational Program in a Faith-Based Setting. Friedman DB, Adams SA, Brandt HM, Heiney SP, Hébert JR, Ureda JR, Seel JS, Schrock CS, Mathias W, Clark-Armstead V, Dees RV, Oliver RP. J Cancer Educ. 2019 Jun;34(3):550-555. doi: 10.1007/s13187-018-1340-x.

Advancing Tobacco Product Warning Labels Research Methods and Theory: A Summary of a Grantee Meeting Held by the US National Cancer Institute. Thrasher JF, Brewer NT, Niederdeppe J, Peters E, Strasser AA, Grana R, Kaufman AR. Nicotine Tob Res. 2019 Jun 21;21(7):855-862. doi: 10.1093/ntr/nty017.

Mentoring, Training, and Scholarly Productivity Experiences of Cancer-Related Health Disparities Research Trainees: Do Outcomes Differ for Underrepresented Scientists? Felder TM, Braun KL, Wigfall L, Sevoyan M, Vyas S, Khan S, Brandt HM, Rogers C, Tanjasiri S, Armstead CA, Hébert JR. J Cancer Educ. 2019 Jun;34(3):446-454. doi: 10.1007/s13187-018-1322-z.

Relationship between disordered eating and self-identified sexual minority youth in a sample of public high school adolescents. Zullig KJ, Matthews-Ewald MR, Valois RF. Eat Weight Disord. 2019 Jun;24(3):565-573. doi: 10.1007/s40519-017-0389-6.