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Arnold School of Public Health

Tuition & Fees

To help you prepare for the cost of attending graduate school at the Arnold School of Public Health, we have provided a tuition and fees chart. For more detailed information about fees, visit the USC Fee Schedule at the Bursar's Office website. In case of inconsistency between this page and the Bursar’s fee schedule, the Bursar’s Office is the final authority. (The information below is current as of Fall 2017 and is subject to change each academic year.)

Full-Time Students (per semester)

Academic Fees Resident Non-Resident
Graduate Full-time (12-16 hours)* $6,627 $14,184
Health Professions Program Fee $800  $1,100
Technology Fee  $200 $200
Total Full-time $7,627 
Graduate hours above 17 (additional charge per hour) $80 $170


Part-Time Students (per semester)

Academic Fees Resident Non-Resident
Graduate Part-time (1-11 hours) (per hour)  $552.25 $1,182
Health Professions Program Fee (per hour) $80  $110
Technology Fee  $17 $17
Total Part-time (per hour) $649.25 $1,309


Doctor of Physical Therapy Students

Academic Fees Resident Non-Resident
Full-Time $7,326 $11,721
Part-Time $610.50 $976.75
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Fee (assessed per semester) (Full-Time) $450 $450
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Fee (assessed per credit hour) (Part-Time) $37.50 $37.50
Doctor of Physical Therapy Seat Confirmation Fee $750  $750
Health Professions Fee (per semester) (Full-Time) $800 $1,100
Health Professions Fee (per credit hour) (Part-Time) $80 $110
Technology Fee (per semester) (Full-Time)  $200 $200
Technology Fee (per credit hour) (Part-Time) $17 $17

* DPT students currently enrolled as of summer 2016 will have adjusted tuition and fee rates.  These rates can be viewed on the Bursar's Office Academic Department Fees page.  New DPT students as of fall 2016 and after may refer to the above fee information.   

Graduate Assistantships

Students who are awarded a graduate assistantship are charged the in-state tuition rate and may also be awarded a tuition supplement from the department.

* The Bursar’s Office considers a student enrolled in 12 hours or more to be full-time for fee purposes. However, The Graduate School considers a student enrolled in nine hours or more (six with a Graduate Assistantship) to be academically full-time.


One-Time Required Fees

Fee Amount Description
Matriculation Fee $80 A non-refundable matriculation fee of $80 is assessed to all degree-seeking students on a one-time basis. This fee is also assessed each time a student changes the degree sought.
International Student Enrollment Fee  $750 One-time fee assessed at the time of first enrollment


Enrichment Fees

Students enrolling in some graduate programs in the Arnold School of Public Health are assessed a non-refundable, one-time enrichment fee.

Department Amount Description
Communication Sciences and Disorders $1,400 At the time of admission, a seat confirmation fee of $1,000 is due to hold the applicant's slot in the program. This fee is non-refundable. The remaining $400 of the total enrichment fee is collected along with student's first semester tuition and fees.
Health Services Policy and Management $1,000 Enrichment fee.


Additional Fees (per semester)

Health Center Fee  

Fee Amount
Graduate Assistants (less than 12 hours) $184
Graduate Students (9 - 11 hours) $184
Graduate Students (6 - 8 hours) $123
Graduate Students (less than 6 hours) fee-for-service basis

Health Insurance Fee (optional, if waiver provided)   
Enrollment in the University-sponsored health insurance plan is mandatory for graduate assistants, international students and full-time students (nine or more hours) unless they present evidence of satisfactory alternative health coverage. Part-time students (less than nine hours) are eligible to purchase the University-sponsored health insurance plan, but enrollment is not required. If a student chooses not to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan, they will need to complete a waiver form via the Thompson Student Health Center. 

Fee Amount
Fall Semester  $852
Fall Semester Graduate Assistant Discount Rate $652 (-$200)
Spring/Summer Semester $1,168
Spring/Summer Semester Graduate Assistant Discount Rate $868 (-300)

Athletic Event Fee (optional)

Fee Amount
Graduate Full-time (per semester) (minimum six hours required) $86