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Arnold School of Public Health

Graduate Degrees in Athletic Training

Athletic Training (AT) encompasses the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions to minimize subsequent impairments and functional limitations.  We currently have two graduate degree options: 1) Master of Science in Athletic Training (starts May of 2019) for students interested in becoming a certified athletic trainer, and 2) a post-professional Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training for individuals who are already certified (BOC) as an athletic trainer. 

Master of Science in Athletic Training

If you are interested in becoming an athletic trainer, this is the degree for you.  The AT Program at the University of South Carolina has been CAATE-accredited for over 25 years and is regarded as one of the top programs in the nation.

The recent decision by the Athletic Training profession to require a graduate degree to become a certified athletic trainer led to our termination of the BS in Athletic Training and creation of this new MS in Athletic Training. 

The NEW MS in AT Program includes a 6-hour Cadaver Anatomy class, a 3-course series on Evaluation & Therapeutic Intervention of Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity and Head, Neck and Spine Injuries, clinical rotations in USC Athletics, local high schools, sports medicine clinics, orthopedic offices, as well as a semester-long clinical immersion class that can be completed anywhere in the world.

The mission of the USC’s AT Program is to create a center of excellence for the advancement of athletic training, through the integration of innovative, interdisciplinary, and transformational education, research, evidence-based practice, and community engagement. USC’s AT Program will develop competent and compassionate leaders who will enhance health-related outcomes for a population of diverse individuals and communities throughout South Carolina, the nation and internationally.

We are looking for students passionate about sports medicine and sports science who have completed a BS degree in Exercise Science, Public Health, Kinesiology, or any health-related field. Graduates from our MS in Athletic Training will be able to contribute as a healthcare provider within the larger context of a changing healthcare system.

Admission Information

Applicants for the MS in Athletic Training must apply through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS):

Admission Requirements

Prerequisite Course Requirements (minimum of a C)

Biology and Lab (4 credits)
Chemistry and Lab (4 credits)
Physics and Lab (4 credits)
Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Labs (8 credits)
Exercise Physiology and Lab (4 credits)
Psychology (3 credits)
Nutrition (3 credits)
Statistics (3 credits)
Biomechanics (3 credits)


Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training (for certified athletic trainers)

If you are already a certified athletic trainer and looking for advanced preparation in the field of athletic training, this is the degree for you.

The program itself is like a medical residency; you will have increasing control over the decisions that you make as it progresses. You might even mentor students from the bachelor’s program as part of your training, and you will make your own clinical decisions at the end, finishing with a data-based research project.

For more information about specific curriculum requirements, please visit the academic bulletin. Also, check out the specific application deadlines and requirements.