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Arnold School of Public Health

Exercise Science - B.S.

Are you interested in a career in Medicine or Healthcare? Health & Wellness? Sports Performance? The B.S. in Exercise Science at the UofSC can get you there!

The Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science (EXSC) at UofSC is a flexible, science-based curriculum that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our students:

  • Learn about the human body and how it works
  • Learn about exercise training to improve sport performance
  • Gain an understanding of how exercise applies to chronic disease prevention & rehabilitation
  • Use exercise testing to measure health status & develop exercise prescription
  • Implement lifestyle interventions to include nutrition & physical activity
  • Complete practicum opportunities - Experiential learning outside the classroom
  • Participate in research conducted by Exercise Science faculty
  • Participate in organizations including our Exercise Science Club
  • Have professional advisors guiding each student towards their goals

With a degree in Exercise Science, our students are accepted to and succeed in programs that range from strength and conditioning to muliple avenues in health care including:

  • Medical Schools (MD and DO)
  • Physician Assistant Programs (MSPA)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Master of Athletic Training (MAT)
  • Master of Science and PhD programs in Exercise Science (MS or PhD)
  • Dentistry Schools (DDM)
  • Prosthetic and Prothesis Programs
  • Master of Public Health in Physical Activity (MPH)

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