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Arnold School of Public Health


Samantha McNeal

ENHS/CENR student joins Carolina Diversity Professors Program

ENHS and CENR doctoral student Samantha McNeal has joined the Carolina Diversity Professors Program, which aims to recruit and prepare minority students for careers as college and university professors.

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CENR engages K-12 children on the topic of nanomaterials with new program at EdVenture

The Center for Environmental Nanoscience and Risk advances nanoscience outreach and education with the debut of their K-12 program on nanomaterials at Columbia's EdVenture Children's Museum.

Dominic Ponton

CENR Postdoctoral Fellow, Dominic E. Ponton, Awarded ASPIRE Grant

CENR postdoctoral fellow Dominic E. Ponton has been awarded an ASPIRE I, track II from the USC Office of the Vice President for Research. Dr. Ponton has been affiliated with the CENR since January 2015 and is working in collaboration with Dr. Marie-Noele Croteau (USGS, Menlo Park, California), on three-layered silver (Ag) nanoparticles (Ag@gold@Ag) synthesized by the CENR. His postdoctoral project consists of characterizing the binding and uptake of these nanoparticles by a unicellular green alga (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) and the influence of the alga on the nanoparticle behavior in water. He used this green alga as contaminated food for the grazing snail Lymnaea stagnalis and characterized this trophic transfer. With the $5,000 awarded, Dominic’s mission is to upgrade the CENR facilities to perform high quality ecotoxicological studies with aquatic organisms and also present his results at the SETAC international conference in November 2016, in Orlando (FL). This innovative project will contribute to new graduate activities and help to obtain external funding.

Nanoimpact journal

Plants More Vulnerable to Nanoparticles When Parents Grown in Contaminated Soil

New study published in NanoImpact helps fill knowledge gap on the impact of nanotechnology on plants. The results highlight the importance of improving and increasing research on the impact of nanomaterials on plants. Dr Jamie Lead, CENR Director, is co-Editor-in-Chief of NanoImpact.