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Arnold School of Public Health

Ph.D. in Biostatistics

If you aspire to teach at the college level, then the Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics is the advanced graduate degree for you. This degree prepares students for involvement in teaching and independent and collaborative biostatistical research; trains researchers to teach and to pursue original research on analytical approaches to investigating health conditions; and to develop novel biostatistical approaches.


School of Public Health Core 

PUBH 700  Perspectives in Public Health    (3 Credit Hours)  

Statistics Core

STAT 712   Mathematical Statistics I  (3 Credit Hours)  

STAT 713    Mathematical Statistics II   (3 Credit Hours)  

STAT 714   Linear Statistical Models    (3 Credit Hours)  

Biostatistics Core

800 Level Biostatistics Core  (12 Credit Hours)
Required - Bios 825 or Bios 820 plus 9 hours of the other 800 level biostatistics 

BIOS 845  Doctoral Seminar (1 credit per semester for 2 semesters)     (2 Credit Hours)   

BIOS 890  Teaching, Consulting or Grant Writing Practicum    (3 Credit Hours)    

Cognates (Electives)

Cognates      (3 Credit Hours)
Other Biostatistics and/or Statistics    (9 Credit Hours)


BIOS 899 Dissertation Preparation (12 Credit Hours)

Total: 53 Credit Hours

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.