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HPEB News and Kudos

Please join us as we congratulate HPEB students and faculty on their accomplishments and recognitions!

Message from the Chair

Earlier this month I was invited to speak with the first grade students at my son’s school. The topic was about the holidays and I prepared a short speech, activity, song, and read a book. Oh, I also brought them chocolate. These students asked a lot of questions and provided numerous comments throughout this 25-minute event (some comments were related and some were quite random). This was definitely my toughest audience yet. In health promotion we talk a lot about meeting people where they are with regard to messaging and information delivery. I definitely could have taken into account some of the communication tips I share in my HPEB classes when I was speaking with these first graders.

After the fun in the first grade class I was reminded of the Alan Alda book I read recently called “If I Understand You, Would I have This Look on My Face? My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating.” I probably could have also used some of the communication tips from Alda’s book with the kids. One of the communication strategies discussed is called the “Yes And” that is used in improvisation acting classes. It refers to accepting what the other actor presents to you in a
scene. An example from the book is if one actor says, “Look at all that water down there.” If the second player is using the “Yes And” strategy, she/he wouldn’t block the first actor and say “That’s not water, that’s the stage.” Instead, she/he would play along and say something like, “Wow, that’s a lot of water. Let’s jump in and swim.” Alda and the individual he interviews about this for his book assert that we need more “Yes And” in science. “Yes And frees ideas to grow.” I completely agree. The most effective collaborations are when we are listening to each other (and our communities) and not just doing all the talking. I’m not sure what my “Yes And” sentence would have been when one of the first graders (my own son), announced during my presentation that “My mom wrote out notes because she wasn’t sure what to say to the class.” I guess I could have said “Yes And you should all do the same when you are presenting to your child’s eager class when you are all grown up.”

I wish everyone a peaceful and healthy holiday season. Who know -- perhaps the “Yes And” strategy will help keep the peace at some of our family gatherings later this month. With much appreciation for all that you do.
–Daniela Friedman

–Daniela Friedman [see PDF version with photos]

Congratulations Are In Order! 

Anthony Crimarco, HPEB doctoral student, is the Fall 2018 recipient of the Butterfoss Communi- ty-based Research Endowed Fellowship for his health promotion work with local vegan soul food restaurants.

Jennifer Williams, HPEB masters student, is the Fall 2018 recipient of the Ann Cassady Endowed Fellowship Award.

Dr. Heather Brandt has been recommended for promotion to full professor. She was the keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Doctoral Research Symposium at the College for Public Health and Social Justice at Saint Louis University in October 2018. She presented on creating your professional journey and met with faculty and graduate students to discuss professional development approaches.

Dr. Brandt will serve as a faculty member for the Training Institute in Dissemination and Implementation Re- search in Cancer (TIDIRC) of the National Cancer Institute for the second year.

Dr. Brandt has been invited to join the Consortium for Implementation Science in Cancer (CISC), a group orga- nized by the National Cancer Institute that will focus on developing a new approach to unify efforts towards advancing the implementation science agenda in cancer control.

Dr. Edena Guimaraes has been elected as the new Secretary of the UofSC Hispanic/Latino Faculty Caucus.
On November 30, 2018, Drs. Sayward Harrison and Xiaoming Li and the Center for Healthcare Quality held a community roundtable and luncheon for 2018 World AIDS Day.

Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy has been accepted into the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s 2019-2020 Leadership Institute. This opportunity will provide both group and individual leadership coaching.

Dr. Turner-McGrievy was also approved as Fellow of The Obesity Society in November 2018. This prestigious honor highlights her strong leadership in obesity and nutrition research.

Dissertation and Practicum Presentations

We congratulate the following students who completed milestones in their academic programs during the past three months:

Dissertation Defenses:
Amy Mattison-Faye: Expanding Immediate Postpartum Contraceptive Options: South Carolina’s Medicaid Policy. {November 2018}

Asa A. Revels: Investigating Drug-Related Violence in Indian Country: The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. {October 2018}

Sulochana Basnet: Role of Resources for Care in Improving Care Behaviors, Children’s Nutritional Status and Early Childhood Development in Low– and Middle-Income Countries. {October 2018}

Caroline Glagola Dunn: Examining Faith-based Communities as Leverage Points for the Prevention of Child- hood and Adolescent Obesity. {September 2018}

Dissertation Proposal Defense:
Ashley White: Snip, Snip: Vasectomy in the American South. {October 2018}

Practicum Presentations:
Hannah Squiers: Planning and Implementing a Group Coaching Strategy for Army Wellness Centers. {November 2018}

Emily Wood: New MAMA’S Support Group Initiative. {November 2018}

Funding News

Drs. Christine Blake and Ed Frongillo have been awarded a supplemental $771, 000 to further their Driv- ers of Food Choice program. Link

Dr. Heather Brandt with Dr. Maria Fernandez of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have been awarded a five-year R01 grant from the National Cancer Institute to develop and validate a measure of organizational readiness for implementation of evidence-based interventions. Dr. Lauren Work- man in the Core for Applied Research and Evaluation and health services policy and management and Dr. Abe Wandersman in psychology are co-investigators.

Dr. Donaldson Conserve has been awarded a $746,989 grant from the National Institute of Mental Health as an extension to his National Institutes of Health Pathway to Independence Award.


HPEB in the News

Dr. Donaldson Conserve was featured in the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health Friday Letter for his research on HIV self-testing education and promotion. Link

Drs. Jim Thrasher, Mark Macauda, and Scott Strayer had their research on State-Run Smoking Cessation Help- line programs highlighted on the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health website. Link

Dr. Shaun Owens, HPEB alum and Assistant Professor in the College of Social Work, was highlighted in the local news for his work and creation of South Carolina’s first Senior SmartHOME. Link

Victoria Lambert, HPEB Doctoral Student, was featured on the Arnold School of Public Health website under the series, “I Am Public Health”. Link

Drs. Ed Frongillo, Ruth Saunders and Andrew Kaczynski had their research and findings highlighted in a spe- cial journal supplement for the Healthy Communities Study . Link

Publications and Presentations

Altman E, Ritchie LD, Frongillo EA, Madsen KA. Food insecurity is associated with body dissatisfaction among children in California. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2018.

Awasthi S, Verma T, Sanghvi T, Frongillo EA. Path to severe acute malnutrition in children below 2 years of age: Findings of qualitative research in Uttar Pradesh, North India. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health. 2018. j.cegh.2018.11.001.

Brandt HM, Turner-McGrievy G, Friedman DB, Gentile D, Schrock C, Thomas T, West D. Examining the role of Twitter in response and recovery during and after historic flooding in South Carolina. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. 2018 Aug 31. doi: 10.1097/PHH.0000000000000841.

Besenyi GM, Schooley BL, Turner-McGrievy G, Wilcox S, Wilhelm Stanis SA, & Kaczynski AT. (2018). The electron- ic community park audit tool (eCPAT) project: Exploring the use of mobile technology for youth empowerment and advocacy for health community policy, systems, and environmental change. Frontiers in Public Health, 6:332.

Boutté AK, Turner-McGrievy GM, Wilcox S, Hutto B, Muth E, Hoover A. Comparing changes in diet quality be- tween two technology-based diet tracking devices. Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science. In press.

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Crimarco A, Turner-McGrievy GM, Wirth MD. The effects of meal-timing on self-rated hunger and dietary inflam- matory potential among a sample of college students. Journal of American College Health. 2018 Jul 6. doi: 10.1080/07448481.2018.1481074.

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Farr DE, Brandt HM, Friedman DB, Adams SA, Armstead CA, Coleman K, Fulton J, Bull D. Presented 13 November 2018. Awareness of and conversations about revised mammography screening guidelines among Black women: An exploratory study. 146th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, San Diego, CA. [POSTER]

Farr DE, Brandt HM, Friedman DB, Adams SA, Armstead CA, Williams C, Fulton J, Bull D. Presented 13 November 2018. Black women’s and mammography providers’ perceptions of breast density communication. 146th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, San Diego, California. [POSTER]

Frongillo EA, Baranowski T, Subar AF, Tooze JA, Kirkpatrick SI. Establishing validity and cross-context equivalence of measures and indicators. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2018 j.jand.2018.09.005.

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Koohsari, MJ, Kaczynski AT, Nakaya T, Shibata A, Ishii K, Yasunaga A, Stowe EW, Hanibuchi T, Oka K. (2018). Walka- ble urban design attributes and older adults’ body mass index: Mediation effects of physical activity and sedentary behaviour. American Journal of Health Promotion. 2018 Nov 25. doi: 10.1177/0890117118814385.

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Mandelbaum J, Stowe E, Bujak B, Kaczynski AT. Gender-specific influence of built and social environmental factors on overweight or obesity risk among adolescents: Findings from the FLASHE study. Presented at the American Public Health Association 146th Annual Meeting and Exposition, November 10-14, 2018, San Diego, CA.

Mandelbaum J, Stowe E, Bujak B, Kaczynski AT. Perceptions of the built physical activity environment and adoles- cents’ sedentary behavior: Examining the moderating effects of race/ethnicity on sedentary time. Presented at the American Public Health Association 146th Annual Meeting and Exposition, November 10-14, 2018, San Diego, CA.

Pilar M, Zubizarreta M, Brandt HM, Vanderpool RC. Presented 12 November 2018. A Narrative Review of HPV Vac- cination Interventions In Rural U.S. Communities. 146th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, San Diego, CA. [POSTER]

Scott J, Rudisill C. (2018). Comment on: primary care provider (PCP) management of patients with obesity at an inte- grated health network (IHN): a survey of practices, views and knowledge, Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, 14 (8): 1155-56.

Dr. Sonya Jones presented in a panel focused on structural violence and food security at the annual meeting of the American Association of Public Health. The presentations can be seen online at following links. Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4

Sheehan CM, Frochen S, Walsemann KM, and Ailshire JA. Are U.S. adults sleeping less? Findings from sleep duration trends in the National Health Interview Survey, 2004-2016. Sleep. 2018 Nov 17. doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsy221.

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Wigfall LT, Bynum SA, Brandt HM, Sebastian N, Ory MG. HPV-associated cancer prevention programs at community- based HIV/AIDS service organizations: Implications for future engagement. Frontiers in Oncology. 2018 Oct 26;8:422. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2018.00422.

Young SL, Collins SM, Boateng GO, Neilands TB, Jamaluddine Z, Miller JD, Brewis A, Frongillo EA, Jepson WE, Melgar- Quiñonez H, Schuster RC, Stoler J, Wutich A, on behalf of the HWISE Research Coordination Network. Development and validation protocol for an instrument to measure household water insecurity across cultures and ecologies: the House- hold Water Insecurity Experiences (HWISE) Scale. BMJ Open. 2018. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2018-023558.


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