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Arnold School of Public Health

HPEB News and Kudos

Please join us as we congratulate HPEB students and faculty on their accomplishments and recognitions!

Message from the Chair

Dear HPEB,

I missed the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association this year. I’m typically there each year bumping into many of you at the convention centers and enjoying the aging and public health section auction and awards ceremony. I missed the conference because I was in New York City celebrating a colleague and friend who was receiving a North America-wide education award. There were three award winners being celebrated this year. The winners were all incredible, kind, and creative human beings whose work impacts children, families, and communities. For the award winner I knew, close to 50 people from South Carolina traveled to celebrate her plus family and friends from other states too. It was inspiring, beautiful, and a testament to the effect she has had on everyone she meets.

I’ve written more than once about the importance of celebrating mini milestones and congratulating each other on work well done! What’s that rule again? If we stress something 3 or 7 times then we may remember to do it?! I was brought to tears several times during my trip – from the emotional speeches, powerful lectures I attended on memories and storytelling, and the warmth and kindness of people who took the time to be there to celebrate others. My new year’s resolution a few years ago was to floss more and drink more water. This year for my resolution I want to make more of an effort to interact with people in meaningful ways. Please join me. Go in person to wish people well. Take someone for a spur-of-the-moment coffee or lunch. Send a handwritten note. Don’t just email. Don’t just retweet or like a tweet.

I’ve been quoting Mister Rogers quite a bit lately. (Yes, we also watched Mister Roger’s Neighborhood in Canada!) Here is one of his pearls of wisdom that has been on my mind since my travels last month: “Human relationships are primary in all of living. When the gusty winds blow and shake our lives, if we know that people care about us, we may bend with the wind … but we won’t break.” –Fred Rogers, 2006

Thank you for all that you do for HPEB and for public health. Thank you for being kind and thank you for caring. There really is no other way to do the work we do.

Wishing you a safe, relaxing, and joyous holiday break! – Daniela Friedman 
[see PDF version with photos]

Congratulations Are In Order! 

Carrie Draper, HPEB senior research associate, received 5 new contracts from the South Carolina Department of Social Services via USDA funding to implement and evaluate the SC SNAP-Ed program. The projects focus on state-wide program evaluation for the state's implementing agencies and implementation and evaluation of nutrition supports at health clinics and public libraries, expansion of the FoodShare SC produce box model, and local food policy council development around the state.

Dr. Ann Blair Kennedy, HPEB alum, received the 2019 Humanitarian Award given by the Performance Health and Message Therapy Foundation.

Suzanne Hunt, HPEB alum, was named the 2019 Emerging Wellness Professional by the National Wellness Institute. Link

Carrie Draper, HPEB senior research associate, was selected to serve on a USDA Food and Nutrition Service Expert Panel to guide new national reporting requirements for the federal SNAP-Ed program.

Dr. Sarah Gareau, HPEB alum, was elected to serve on the APHA executive board.

Dr. Xiaoming Li was recognized by UofSC President Caslen for being selected as a 2019 SEC faculty member.

Marilyn Wende, PhD student, received the Best Student Oral Presentation Award in the Physical Activity Section from the APHA. She was also awarded HPEB’s Butterfoss Community-Based Research Endowed Fellowship.

Emily Loud, MPH student, is the recipient of the Fall 2019 Ann Cassady Endowed Fellowship.

Congratulations to the following students and their faculty mentors on receiving Magellan grants:
Raymond Selden (Magellan Apprentice for Capstone program; mentor: Emily Mann), Ashley Brunson (Daniela Friedman), Reid Davis (Courtney Monroe), Brenna Lloyd (Shan Qiao), Keith Nowak (Jim Thrasher), Daniel Schreiber (Sayward Harrison)

Dissertation and Practicum Presentations

We congratulate the following students who completed milestones in their academic programs during the past three months:

Practicum Presentations:
Don Martin Wright: HIV Rapid Engagement Program {December 2019}
Gabriella Villacis: Educating Young Workers and the Emerging Workforce and Occupational Safety and Health {December 2019} Michael Brian Conner: Cuts and Conversations “A Safe Space for Black Males” {December 2019}
Michelle Grieswell: A Practical Experience in Mental Health at Friendship Center {December 2019}
Tristen Yarborough: The Center for Closing the Health Gap: Do Right Wellness Series {December 2019}
Jane Die: Process Evaluation of Virginia Code 22.1-79.5: Public School Lactation Support Policy {November 2019}

Final Dissertation Defense:
Ligia Reyes: Social Networks, the Local Food Environment, and Maternal Food Choice for Children Ages 1 to 5 Years Old in Rural Mexico {November 2019}
Wendi Da: Applying the Health Action Process Approach (HAPA) in Program Evaluation of a Theory-Based Parental HIV Disclosure Intervention among Parents Living with HIV (PLH) in China {November 2019}
Dawit Alemu: Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment and Uptake of HIV Testing in Ethiopia {October 2019}


HPEB in the News

Dr. Katrina Walsemann was interviewed about her findings on the toll of student loan debt for Quartz at Work. Link

Students working with Dr. Donaldson Conserve were recognized for their work on the STEP Project in Tanzania. Link

Publications and Presentations

Cates J, Draper C. The essential role of healthy eating, active living coalitions within food policy council development across the Carolinas. Oral presentation at the annual Leadership Summit of Eat Smart Move More SC, Florence, SC. October 2019.

Draper C. Community informed policy. Invited panelist at the annual conference of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Raleigh, NC. November 2019.

Draper C, Dreyer E. The readiness of health clinics to partner with the SNAP-Ed program on nutrition support implementation. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Orlando, FL. July 2019.

Draper C, Dreyer E, Page A, Herrnstandt Z. Increasing access to healthy foods through health clinics and local food policy councils. Invited presentation at the annual conference of the South Carolina Office of Rural Health, Charleston, SC. October 2019.

Draper C. Hunger in Columbia. Invited presenter at the Faith and Poverty Conference of the Cooperative Ministry, Columbia, SC. October 2019.

Draper C, Whitt O, Younginer N, Pope H, Paget C. The sustainability of nutrition supports implemented in partnership with the South Carolina SNAP-Ed program. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Orlando, FL. July 2019.

Dreyer E, Draper C. Implementing nutrition support strategies in health clinics via the SNAP-Ed program. Oral presentation at the annual Leadership Summit of Eat Smart Move More SC, Florence, SC. October 2019.

Edney S, Ryan JC, Olds T, Monroe CM, Fraysse F, Vandelanotte C, Plotnikoff R, Curtis R, Maher C. User engagement and attrition in an app-based physical activity intervention: Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2019; 21(11):e14645.

Handlery R, Fulk G, Pellegrini C, Stewart JC, Monroe C, Fritz S. Stepping after stroke: Walking characteristics in people with chronic stroke differ based on walking speed, walking endurance, and daily steps. Physical Therapy. (in press). 2019.

Farr DE, Brandt HM, Adams SA, Haynes VE, Gibson AS, Jackson DD, Rawlinson KC, Ureda JR, Hébert JR. J Community Health. Examining breast cancer screening behavior among southern black women after the 2009 US preventive services task force mammography guideline revisions. Journal of Community Health. 2019 Aug 5. doi: 10.1007/s10900-019-00697-8.

Kasymova S, Walsemann KM, Thrasher JF, Barker G, Billings D. Increasing men's involvement in responsible parenthood: National policy in Croatia, India, and Mexico. Community, Work, and Family. 2019 Dec 2. doi: 10.1080/13668803.2019.1694488.

Moore S. Invited Facilitator for the Bureau of Epidemiology Services (BES), New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Social Cohesion Measurement Forum.

Moore S. Invited Speaker, “Chronic stress, social capital and accelerated aging: An exploration of the weathering hypothesis among U.S. women,” Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University.

Moore S. Invited Speaker, “Loan borrowing behavior among farmers in the context of an ICT-enabled social enterprise intervention in Odisha, India” Division of Social Sciences, Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands.

Pope H, Draper C, Paget C, Younginer N. Exploring the use of decision cases for policy, systems, and environmental strategy trainings. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Orlando, FL. July 2019.

Pope HC, Draper C, Younginer N, Whitt O, Paget C. Use of decision cases for building SNAP-Ed implementers’ capacities to realize policy, systems, and environmental strategies. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 2019 In press.

Quan, N, Lohman, MC, Resciniti NV, Friedman DB. A systematic review of interventions for loneliness among older adults living in long-term care facilities. Aging and Mental Health, DOI: 10.1080/13607863.2019.1673311. October 2019.

Tallis H, Kreis K, Olander L, Ringlerd C, Ameyawe D, Borsukf ME, Fletschner D, Game, Gilligan DO, Jeuland M, Kennedy G, Masuda YJ, Mehta S, Miller N, Parker M, Pollino C, Rajaratnam J, Wilkie D, Zhang W, Ahmed S, Frongillo EA, Zobrist S. Aligning evidence generation and use across health, development, and environment. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 39:81-93, 2019.

Turner-McGrievy GM, Wilcox S, Frongillo EA, Hutto B, Murphy A, Williams KA, Crimarco A, Wilson M, Davey M. The Nutritious Eating with Soul (NEW Soul) Study: Study design and methods of a two-year randomized trial comparing culturally adapted soul food vegan vs. omnivorous diets among African American adults at risk for heart disease. Contemporary Clinical Trials 88:, 2019.

Van De Griend KM, Billings DL, Frongillo EA, Hilfinger Messias DK, Crockett AH, Covington-Kolb S. Core strategies, social processes, and contextual influences of early phases of implementation and statewide scale-up of group prenatal care in South Carolina. Evaluation and Program Planning. 2019.101760.

Walsemann KM, Ailshire JA, Hartnett C. The other student debt crisis: How borrowing to pay for a child’s college education relates to parents’ mental health at mid-life. Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Social Sciences. In Press.

Warren AM, Frongillo EA, Nguyen PH, Menon, P. Nutrition intervention using behavioral change communication without additional material inputs increased expenditures on key food groups in Bangledesh. Journal of Nutrition. In press.

Whittle HJ, Leddy AM, Shieh J, Tien PC, Ofotokun I, Adimora AA, Turan JM, Frongillo EA, Turan B, Weiser SD. Precarity and health: Theorizing the intersection of multiple material-need insecurities, stigma, and illness among women in the United States. Social Science & Medicine 245: 2019.112683, 2019.

Younginer N, Draper C. SNAP-Ed implementer perspectives on partnering with diverse sectors. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Orlando, FL. July 2019



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