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Arnold School of Public Health

HPEB News and Kudos

Please join us as we congratulate HPEB students and faculty on their accomplishments and recognitions!

Message from the Chair

Dear HPEB,

Welcome new students and welcome back to returning students, faculty, and staff! We are already knee deep into the fall semester and I hope everyone is settling in comfortably.

How was your summer? I hope you took some time out to enjoy. One of the special moments I had was watching my 7-year-old son play chess with his grandfather. I used to watch my husband play chess with his grandfather. I don’t play well at all but I love to watch the game. Seeing family members connecting over this game is meaningful and touching. Perhaps a chess tournament is in the cards for HPEB?!

We have some wonderful activities planned (and in planning stages) for the year. Please take part. Our initiatives are guided by your input! Please drop by anytime to share ideas and inter-ests with me, with your student representatives, Gaby and Kalvin, and with Dr. Rachel Davis, who is heading up our student engagement committee.

I look forward to another productive and fun-filled year with you all. Important note: We cele-brate all milestones in HPEB. Don’t wait until the manuscript is published. Come by to share that it’s been submitted!

Thank you for choosing HPEB! On behalf of the department, I wish you all the very best for this academic year. – Daniela Friedman [see PDF version with photos]

Congratulations Are In Order! 

 Dr. Xiaoming Li was selected as a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science.

Dr. Emily Mann was named Associate Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Pro-gram.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen, HPEB alum, has started a position as a health services postdoctoral fellow at the University of South Carolina’s Institute for Families in Society.

Hiluv Johnson, grant coordinator within HPEB, was selected to participate in the 2019-2020 UofSC Emerging Leaders Program.

Brittany Ankrom, HPEB MPH student, is a 2019 recipient of the Arnold School of Public Health Vernberg Fellowship.

Tiffany Fishburne, HPEB PhD student, is the 2019 recipient of HPEB’s Newton Fellowship named in memory of Ms. Elizabeth Newton.

Dr. Jessica Escobar, HPEB alum, was invited to speak about her dissertation research at a round table discussion with FHI 360. Link

Nazratun Monalisa, PhD Candidate, was selected as a 2019 Graduate Scholar in Childhood Obesity in the Arnold School of Public Health.

Dr. Aaron Guest, HPEB alum, accepted a position as assistant professor at Arizona State University in the Center for Innovation in Healthy and Resilient Aging within the newly renamed Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

Wendi Da, PhD candidate, received the 2019 APHA Public Health Education Health Promotion Student Ab-stract Award and has been invited to present at the student poster session in Philadelphia.

Dr. Edward Frongillo will co-chair the biannual meeting of the WHO/UNICEF Technical expert advisory group on nutri-tion monitoring (TEAM) the first week of October at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Michael Sumague, HPEB alum, secured a new position as Infection Prevention Coordinator at Inland Valley Medical Center in California.

Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy presented an invited lecture at the 2019 International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference in Oakland, CA entitled, “Adherence is Not the Enemy: Why Patients Still Benefit From a Plant-based Diet Regardless of 100% Adherence.”

Dissertation and Practicum Presentations

We congratulate the following students who completed milestones in their academic programs during the past three months:

Practicum Presentations

Ashley Hamm: Evaluating ACE Events in Incarcerated Parents Who Participate in CAPA’s Triple P Par-enting Program Delivered to this Population at the Beaufort County Detention Center {August 2019}

Benjamin Thomas: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Improve Health Literacy and Education in Ad-vanced Heart Failure Patients {July 2019}

Christine Williams: Serving the 29203 Community {July 2019}

Kyra Hood: Stronger Together: Enhancing Communication and Collaboration between Nashville’s Clini-cal Care Community and the WIC Program to Optimize Outcomes for Families {August 2019}

Matthew Haldeman: Promotion of Antibiotic Stewardship at a Tertiary Hospital in the Southern High-lands of Tanzania {June 2019}

Perpetua Lekia Bello-Ogunu: Clinic Based Health Education and Chronic Disease Prevention/Management {August 2019}

Rena DeVeaux: Use of Technology to Improve Access {August 2019}

Robin Coleman: Increasing the Utilization of Mental Health Services in Low Income African American Moms {August 2019}

Dissertation Proposal Defenses

Elyse Iruhiriye: Understanding the Enabling Environment for Improvements in Nutrition and the Coordi-nation and Implementation of a National Multisectoral Nutrition Policy in Rwanda {July 2019}

Ellen Stowe: Greenspace Across the United States: Exploring Equity and Associations with Physical Activ-ity, Obesity, and Health-Related Quality of Life {August 2019}

Final Dissertation Defenses
Jamie Troutman: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention: A Mixed-Methods Study of Sexual Risks and Knowledge, Attitudes, and Willingness of PrEP Use Among African American Women in the South {July 2019}

Funding News

Ashley White, PhD candidate, received the Emerging Scholars in Family Planning grant through the Society of Family Planning in order to conduct nationally representative surveys addressing the use and attitudes of men towards vasectomies.

Dr. Jim Thrasher received two new NIH grants: one to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of warn-ing labels for cigarillos and little cigar through online experiments, and the other for data collection in order to inform communication efforts about nicotine, reduce nicotine products, and decisions around modified risk products.

Dr. Courtney Monroe was awarded the 2019 Southeastern Conference Faculty Travel Grant.

Jennifer Mandelbaum, Ashley White, and Marilyn Wende were all awarded Travel Grants from The Graduate School.

Dr. Daniela Friedman (PI), along with Dr. Heather Brandt and other Arnold School faculty and com-munity and clinical partners, have been awarded another five years of CDC funding for the South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network.

Dr. Spencer Moore received a grant through The Duke Endowment for his project on capacity-building in the social determinants of health among independent community pharmacies.

Dr. Daniela Friedman and Co-Investigator Dr. Heather Brandt were also awarded a grant from The Duke Endowment for their work on improving health literacy.


HPEB in the News

Dr. Donaldson Conserve’s work with the Self-Testing Education and Promo-tion (STEP) project was featured on the Arnold School’s website for its recent launch of the Peer Education component. Link

Ashley White, PhD candidate, was highlighted on the Arnold School’s website for winning the 2019 Outstanding Student Abstract Award from the South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health. Link

Carrie Draper, research associate, was recognized on the Arnold School’s website for her research and efforts to combat food insecurity in a local and state-wide manner. Link

Ansley Lee, HPEB alum, was recognized on the Arnold School website for her dedication to improving the public health of South Carolinians. She is currently serving as the American Heart Association’s Midlands Community Impact Director. Link

Dr. Basia Bujak’s accomplishments in the field as a physical therapist in the military as well as her doctoral studies within HPEB were highlighted on the Arnold School’s website. Link

Dr. Sayward Harrison received recogni-tion on the Arnold School’s website for be-ing named as one of the 2019 Women of In-fluence by the Columbia Regional Business Report. Link

Dr. Alycia Boutté, HPEB alum, was high-lighted on the Arnold School’s website for joining the National Cancer Institute as a communi-cation postdoctoral fellow.

Drs. Xiaoming Li and Sayward Harrison and the Center for Healthcare quality were rec-ognized for publishing three special journal issues on HIV resilience. Link

Publications and Presentations

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