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Arnold School of Public Health

HPEB News and Kudos

Welcome to new and returning students, faculty, and staff of the Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior (HPEB)! We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year for everyone. The News and Kudos e-newsletter promotes the excellent work of HPEB students and faculty members. We want to feature your partnerships, successes, and important health promotion initiatives you are bringing to communities. Here’s to a great year of working together to improve the public’s health!

Message from the Chair

Dear HPEB,

Congratulations to all of our spring and summer graduates. It was wonderful to see so many of you at the hooding ceremonies. We wish you all the very best in your next adventures - some of which are featured in this newsletter. Please keep in touch and on behalf of the department, I thank you for being such excellent representatives of HPEB!

For those of you returning in the fall - we look forward to seeing you soon. Please stay tuned for some new department initiatives and gatherings to discuss hot topic research areas and new research ideas. We will need your input and participation to ensure success! Big thanks to Alicia and Lauren for being such energetic student representatives this past year. I am thrilled that we will have Lindsey, Kalvin, and Akeen as our student team this coming year.

This newsletter and so many HPEB initiatives would not have happened without Avery Causebrook, our dedicated, thoughtful, and super organized office assistant. Avery graduated in May and she will be with us until July before she moves on to her next adventure. There is a lovely note from Avery in this issue of the newsletter. Please enjoy and join me in thanking Avery for all she has done for HPEB! Have fun reading this super-sized issue of News and Kudos. Enjoy the summer months and see you soon.
-Daniela Friedman [see PDF version with photos]

Congratulations Are In Order! 

Dr. Caroline Bergeron, HPEB alum, was hired as a Special Project Associate II at the Mayo Clinic in Jackson-ville, Florida to help develop a dementia-friendly community.

Dr. Liling Huang, HPEB alum, is an as-sistant professor for the Master’s Program in Glob-al Health at Taipei Medical University.

Dr. Emily Mann received the 2018 Women's and Gender Studies Program Faculty Teaching Award.

Dr. India Rose, HPEB alum, was promoted to Pro-ject Manager at ICF International.

Alicia Dahl, doctoral student, will be starting a ten-ure-track faculty position in the Department of Pub-lic Health Sciences at the University of North Caro-lina at Charlotte in fall 2018

Dr. Courtney Monroe was selected to attend the Training on Optimization of Behavioral and Biobe-havioral Interventions in Washington D.C.

Ellen Stowe, doctoral student, completed the Center for Teaching Excellence Spring 2018 short course titled “Teaching Online for Graduate Students”.

Alycia Boutte, doctoral student, was the 2018 recipient of the South Carolina Public Health Associ-ation's Public Health Scholarship.

Kaleea Lewis, recent PHD graduate, will begin a Preparing Future Faculty Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Missouri this August. Link

Emily Fiano, incoming master’s student, has been selected to re-ceive one of the 2018-2019 Vernberg Fellowships.

Dr. Heather Brandt gave a keynote at the preconference event for the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication for the session titled “The Role of Communication and Information Science in Ad-dressing Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening in Vulnerable Populations”. Link

Hope Woolf graduated this May with her bachelor's and has re-ceived a year-long fellowship at Lexington Medical Center. She was mentored by Sarah King, MPH graduate, and Dr. Andrew Kaczyn-ski. Link

Jennifer Mandelbaum, doctoral student, received the 2018 Out-standing Graduate Teaching Award from the Fellowships & Scholar-ships Committee of the Graduate Council.

Danielle Jake-Schoffman, HPEB Alum, is starting a faculty position at the University of Florida in the Department of Health Education and Behavior.

Akeen Hamilton, doctoral student, has been accepted into the Grace Jor-dan McFadden Professors Program for the 2018-2019 academic year. Ak-een has also been selected to join the 2018-2019 cohort of the Graduate Civic Scholars Program. In addition, he participated recently in the Great Gamecock Design Challenge on team 7.

Venice Haynes and Marian Botchway, doctoral students, have received the Olga Ogoussan Doctoral Research Award.

Victoria Lambert, MSPH graduate, will be receiving the Elizabeth Newton Fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year.

LaDrea Ingram, Postdoctoral Fellow, has been selected to participate in Yale University’s Research Education Institute for Diverse Scholars program. Link

Dr. Sayward Harrison has been appointed to the Steering Committee of the Richland County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force.

Dr. Heather Brandt and Dr. Sayward Harrison have been invited to be a part of the SC Adolescent Immunization Statewide Task Force, a new initiative led by the SC Immunization Coalition, SC DHEC, and the American Cancer Society.

Dr. Sayward Harrison traveled to China in May to give talks at Henan University and Henan Normal University. She presented a series of lectures on Supporting the Health and Wellbeing of Children and Adolescents and also delivered a lecture to psychology faculty at each campus, entitled Mobile Health Technology: A New Frontier for Health Psychology & The Promotion of Behavioral Health.

Jessica Seel, MPH graduate, joined the South Carolina Office of Rural Health as a program manag-er focused on attracting and retaining physicians and other essential providers to rural and medically underserved communities across the state.

Dr. Tracey Thomas, HPEB alum, will be starting a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of Health Sciences at James Madison University.

Dr. Lucy Ingram and Dr. Daniela Friedman are invited speakers at Coventry University in the U.K. this June. They are presenting a keynote address entitled, Sexual and Cogni-tive Health: Opportunities for Collaborative Discourse about Healthy Aging and they will be involved in the development and implementation of Online International Learning modules with researchers at Coventry.

Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy was inducted as a Fellow of the Obesity Society. Fellowship is one of the highest honors be-stowed by The Obesity Society.

Dr. Lucy Ingram was selected as a fellow in the 2018-2019 Southeastern Conference Academic Leadership Development Program.

HPEB received a number of awards at Discover USC:

Graduate Student Poster Session I
Sarah King, First Place, “Improving the Walkability of a Uni-versity Campus one STEP at a Time “

Three Minute Thesis Session
Alicia Dahl, Second Runner up, “The Healthy Motivations for Moms-to-be Study: A Mobile Health Intervention for Targeting Gestational Weight Gain among Pregnant Women”

Undergraduate Discover USC Winners mentored by HPEB Faculty and Graduate Students:

Morning Poster Presentation: U/P: Social Sciences B
Morgan Deal, First Place, “Perceptions and Impacts of HIV-Specific Criminal Laws”

Morning Poster Presentation: U/P: Health Sciences C
Hope Woolf, Honorable Mention, Dietary Behavior Differences of Children with Minority and Low-Socioeconomic Backgrounds”

Morning Poster Presentation: U/P: Health Sciences D
Sara Shepard, First Place, “It Starts in Parks: Analyzing Aver-age Park Quality for Park Prescription Programs in Greenville County, SC”

Morning Poster Presentation: U/P: Health Sciences E
Rachel Desch, Second Place, “Examining the Role of Social Support and Self-Efficacy Related to Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: A Mobile Health Approach”

Afternoon Poster Presentation: U/P: Health Sciences K
Callie McLean, Second Place, “A Review of Healthy Eating In-terventions Using Faith Based Organizations in the Continental United States”

Afternoon Poster Presentation: U/P: Health Sciences L
Peyton Rogers, First Place, “Acceptability and Use of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) among Low-Income Women in South Carolina”

*The full list of awardees at Discover USC can be found here.

The following individuals were inducted into the Delta Omega Society:

Dr. Andrew Kaczynski 

Graduating Students
Tyler Dorman
Victoria Lambert
Anna Mesa

Quinyana Brown
Dr. Megan Weis

Dissertation and Practicum Presentations

We congratulate the following students who completed milestones in their academic programs during the past three months:

Practicum Presentations

Tyler Dorman: Implementation of a Tailored Nutrition and Planning Skills Program for Low-income Individuals {April}

Madison Hall: An Evaluation of Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands’s Curriculum Adaptations for Benedict College {April}

Sarah King: Driving Collaborative Efforts to Reduce Obesity in South Carolina– Scale Down Initiative {April}

Shelly Mamo: Campus Wellness for Faculty/Staff {April}

Quentin McCollum: Assessing the Emergency Preparedness Needs of Native American Tribes in South Carolina {April}

Lillian Ijeoma Okoronkwo: Working with Faith-Based African-American Communities & Investigating Fruit and Vegetable Intake {April}

Hailey Owens: Public Health in Schools and the Community: Using Environmental Scans to Improve Substance Abuse/Misuse Prevention Strategies {April}

Emma Renfrow: Health Communication Plan for SC Farm to Food Bank {April}

Virginia Simmons: Hogar Carlos Maria Ulloa Data Management Analysis {April}

Katherine Wallace: Patient Flow and Barriers to Discharge in a Hospital: A Case Management Per-spective {April}

Gabrielle Young: The Palmetto Palace Mobile Health Unit {April}

Lauren Hunt: Development of City of Columbia Open Streets Initiative Handbook to Increase Physi-cal Activity Efforts Along Devine Street {May}

Dissertation Proposals

Aditi Srivastav Bussells: Helping South Carolina’s Chil-dren Thrive: Promoting Protective Factors to Prevent the Long-term Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences through the Development of Evidence-Based Public Health Policy {May}

Dissertation Defense

Julianna Jayne: Body Mass Index Trajectories and the Relationship between Stressful Life Changes and Nutri-tion-Related Health Outcomes among United States Ar-my Soldiers {May}

Anthony Walker: A Qualitative Exploration of Experienc-es and Motivations for Diabetes Self-Management in Afri-can American Men Between the Ages of 40-85 with Type 2 Diabetes {May}

Alicia Dahl: Healthy Motivations for Moms-To-Be Study: A Mobile Health Intervention Targeting Gestational Weight Gain Among US Women {June}

Funding News

Dr. Ed Frongillo and Dr. Jim Thrasher were awarded a 2018 Global Health Initia-tive Curriculum grant from the Center for Teaching excellence, with the intent to help support the integration for global health content into courses.

Dr. Alicia Best, HPEB alum, has been awarded a K01 career development grant from the National Cancer Institute. The grant will focus on improving routine asymp-tomatic cancer screening among users of federally qualified health centers.

Marian Botchway, doctoral student, received a Ceny Walker Graduate Fellowship to support her dissertation data collection in Ghana this summer.

Ashley White, doctoral student, received a Seung Yeun Kim Graduate Fellowship to help support her work with Samoan women and contraceptives.

Dr. Edena Meetze has been awarded a 2018 “Getting Started Teaching Online” grant through the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Jim Thrasher’s RO1 proposal entitled “"Electronic cigarettes in Latin America: Evaluation of im-pacts and policy options" will be funded by the NIH Fogarty International Center.

Dr. Andrew Kaczynski has received an NIH grant for his project titled “eCPAT: Advancing public park information and technology resources to diverse audiences for healthy communities”.

The Following Undergraduates were awarded Magellan Scholar Grants:

Sarah Eustis, mentee of Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy: “Researching the Transfer Effect of Diet on Physical Activity in Participants Randomly Assigned to Plant-Based or Omnivorous Diets”

Deborah Keen, mentee of Dr. Hyunsan Cho: “Community Perception of the HIV Vaccine in Western Kenya: Accept-ability, Potential Behavior Changes, and Views on Com-pulsory Vaccination”

Peyton Pretsch, mentee of Dr. Sayward Harrison: “Knowledge of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Per-ceived Barriers to Vaccination among Male College Stu-dents in South Carolina”

Anna Sheppard, mentee of Emily Mann: “Body Manage-ment Attitudes and Behaviors among Young Sexual Mi-nority Women in the Southeast”

Slone Taylor, mentee of Dr. Shan Qiao: “Adapting a mindfulness-based intervention to reduce stress for Afri-can American Women living with HIV in South Carolina”

The following individuals were awarded ASPIRE I Grants:

Dr. Emily Mann: “Navigating Conflicting Narratives of Risk: Exploring the Experiences of Women of Advanced Maternal Age”

Dr. Alyssa Robillard: “HIV Stigma-Related Trauma in African-American HIV-Positive Women: A Mixed Method Approach to Measure Development “

Dr. Caroline Rudisill: “The Clinical and Economic Impact of a Lifestyle Medicine-Based Wellness Program to Treat Severe Obesity”

Dr. Michelle Deming, postdoctoral student: “Health Care Providers' Knowledge, Attitudes, and De-livery of Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for the Prevention of HIV after Sexual Assault”

Dr. LaDrea Ingram, postdoctoral student: “A life course approach to examining the intersections of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), race/ethnicity and intergenerational trauma in young Afri-can American women living with HIV“


HPEB in the News

Dr. Mindi Spencer was featured in the Post & Courier article entitled “South Carolina has a greater rate of Alzheimer's Disease deaths than any other state, report shows”. Story Link. She was also featured on WACH Fox 57 News article “Love Endures: Midlands Family Battles ‘Public Health Cri-sis’”. Story Link

Dr. Courtney Monroe completed an interview for Family Circle magazine that was published in an article in the February 2017 issue (pp. 67-71), titled Tech Support.

Dr. Edena Meetze was featured on WACH Fox 57 News to discuss health disparities among the South Carolina Latino population. Video Link


Publications and Presentations

Anakaraonye AR, Mann ES, Annang Ingram L, Henderson AK. Black US college women’s strategies of sex-ual self-protection. Culture, Health & Sexuality. 2018. DOI:10.1080/13691058.2018.145 9844.

Arifeen SE, Ekström EC, Frongillo EA, Hamadani J, Khan AI, Naved RT, Rahman A, Raqib R, Rasmussen KM, Wagatsuma Y, Persson LA. Cohort Profile: The Maternal and Infant Nutrition Interventions in Matlab (MINIMat) Cohort in Bangladesh. International Journal of Epidemiology. 2018. DOI: 10.1093/ije/dyy102.

Arp Adams S, Rohweder CL, Leeman J, Friedman DB, Gizlice Z, Vanderpool RC, Askelson N, Best A, Flocke SA, Glanz K, Ko LK, Kegler M. Use of evidence-based interventions and implementation strategies to increase colorectal cancer screening in federally qualified health centers. Journal of Community Health Epub. 2018. DOI 10.1007/s10900-018-0520-2.

Boutté AK, Turner-McGrievy GM, Wilcox S, Liu J, Eberth J, Kaczynski A. Examining associations between stress, depressive symptoms, and diet quality among diverse pregnant women. Poster presented at the Uni-versity of South Carolina’s Discover USC; Columbia, SC; April, 2018.

Boutté AK, Turner-McGrievy GM, Wilcox S, Liu J, Eberth J, Kaczynski A. Examining associations between stress, depressive symptoms, and diet quality among diverse pregnant women. Poster presented at the 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society for Behavioral Medicine; New Orleans, LA; April, 2018.

Boutté AK, Turner-McGrievy GM, Wilcox S, Hutto B, Muth E, Hoover A. Comparing changes in diet quality between two mobile diet tracking devices in the DIET Mobile study: A remotely-delivered weight loss study. Poster presented at the 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine; New Orleans, LA; April, 2018.

Child ST, Walsemann KM, Kaczynski AT, Fleischer N, McLain A, Moore DS. Personal network characteris-tics and body mass index: The role of education among Black Americans. Journal of Public Health. 2018. DOI: 10.1093/pubmed/fdy020.

Davis RE, Johnson TP, Lee S, Werner C. Why Do Latino Survey Respondents Acquiesce? Respondent and Interviewer Characteristics as Determinants of Cultural Patterns of Acquiescence Among Latino Survey Re-spondents. Cross-Culture Research. Sage. 2018. DOI: 10.1177/1069397118774504.

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Jake-Schoffman DE, Wilcox S, Kaczynski AT, Turner-McGrievy G, Friedman DB, & West DS. E-media use and pref-erences for physical activity and public health information: Re-sults of a web-based survey. Journal of Public Health Manage-ment and Practice, 24(4), 385-391. 2018.

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Mandelbaum J, Bowling B, Orland R, Goodman C. “Food as medicine” partnerships: Leveraging community partners to improve healthy eating. Poster presentation at the Beyond Flexner Conference, Atlanta, GA. April 2018.

Mandelbaum J, Harrison S, Brittingham J. Provision of primary care nutrition counseling among South Caro-lina children: Disparities by weight status and sociodemographic characteristics. Poster presentation at the 11th Annual James E. Clyburn Health Disparities Lecture, Columbia, SC. April 2018. {Winner of Best Poster Award}

Mandelbaum J, Moore S, Lyle M, McLain A, Stewart J, Heiney S. Racial differences in diabetes diagnosis among women with high stress: Results from the South Carolina Women’s Survey. Poster presentation at the 11th Annual James E. Clyburn Health Disparities Lecture, Columbia, SC. April 2018.

Mandelbaum J, Moore S, Lyle M, McLain A, Stewart J, Heiney S. Racial differences in diabetes diagnosis among women with high stress: Results from the South Carolina Women’s Survey. Poster presentation at the Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. April 2018.

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New HPEB Student Representatives

Doctoral Student 

Masters Students


Special Note

Wow, these past few years have flown by so incredibly fast. I guess that’s what happens when you work with some incredible people and truly enjoy what you do. From planning holiday potlucks, decorating the office for every occasion, planning a talent show, and to those last minute copy requests, I have honestly ap-preciated every moment. I have been able to learn so much these last few years from each and everyone of you, and I plan to take every lesson with me on to my next adventure. You all have impacted my life more than you will ever know. HPEB truly became my second family and I have so many special memories that I will always cherish.

To my moms of the office, thank you for always being there for me. I knew I could always count on you all to help me through life these last few years. I will forever appreciate our time together. From mine and Pam’s numerous chats about life, food, and most importantly shopping, to mine and Renee’s obsession with animals, especially tigers, and lastly to my time with Ann, for she was one of the best people I have ever met. I will never forget going to basketball games with her, obsessing over Facebook baking recipes, and discuss-ing the latest movies we've seen. I know her Gamecock sprit will live on in this office.
I would also like to give a special shout out to Dr. Casey for recommending me for this position. My time here with HPEB has truly been invaluable. I have gained so many wonderful relationships and opportuni-ties that I will be forever grateful for. So thank you Dr. Casey for opening this door for me, I am so glad I had you as my U101 professor (and all the other classes I took because of you) because you are truly the epitome of what a professor should be like.

Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Friedman. Working for you has been an absolute pleasure. From you losing your keys in the shred box, to you spilling coffee all over your desk, and to your printer always needing more ink, it has never been a dull moment.

As for the Newsletter, I still can not believe this will be my last issue. I have truly appreciated working on the newsletter and I would like to thank HPEB for allowing me to be a part of something so special. I have enjoyed being able to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and being able to watch the newsletter grow. You are all truly talented individuals and I look forward to hearing about what you all do next.

Until next time HPEB,
Avery Causebrook


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