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HPEB News and Kudos

Please join us as we congratulate HPEB students and faculty on their accomplishments and recognitions!

Message from the Chair

I love March. Well I don’t love losing one hour of sleep from the time change but other than that, I love March. In March we find out whether the groundhog ‘science’ about the start of spring is accurate. We also start to see daffodils which I don’t recall seeing in Canada until later in April. March is also Brain Awareness Month (well it’s really an awareness week) – relevant to some of my work in aging and Alzheimer’s disease. When I was driving my son to school the other day I noticed a billboard that read “Today is Kindness Day.” This got me thinking more about how we have days/weeks/months to promote awareness of various topics - health or otherwise. So ... I Googled and found out that there is actually a World Kindness Day. The next one will be on November 13, 2019 so mark your calendars. Now that my son can read, he read the sign and then asked aloud what all of us were probably thinking, “Why is there only one day for kindness? So I can be mean for the rest of the year?” In response I mumbled something under my breath about politics and role models and leadership. Hopefully he didn’t hear me.

Ironically the focus was on kindness in one of my son’s programs earlier this month. Students were reminded of this story: There was a man who said mean things. A wise man told him to open a feather pillow. Feathers flew everywhere. The wise man then told him to collect the feathers and stuff them back inside the pillow. The mean man protested and said that was impossible. The wise man replied, “Exactly.” I think we do a pretty good job avoiding having to feather stuff. We are also pretty good at recognizing each other’s accomplishments and I love to walk into conversations in which you’re all talking about your work and learning from each other. Please let’s keep it up. Don’t just read the HPEB newsletter this month. Reach out to those who are featured. Congratulate them and ask to learn more about their work. Just because we have disease awareness months doesn’t mean that we aren’t studying those diseases year round. So there is no need for our kindness to be limited to one day or one week. We talk a lot in academia about having focused time for writing and about time management in general. This is important, I agree. However ... even when we are busy there is always time to recognize each other and help each other. Trust me, this is time well spent.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Spring ‘break’! – Dr. Friedman [see PDF version with photos]

Congratulations Are In Order! 

Dr. Alyssa Robillard received the Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) certification from the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

Carrie Draper, HPEB research associate, was elected as the 2019 co-chair of the SC Food Poli- cy Council and the 2019 vice chair of the City of Columbia's City Council appointed Food Policy Committee.

Venice Haynes, HPEB doctoral student, is the recipient of the Center for Colon Cancer Re- search’s 2018 Donna and Andrew Sorensen Graduate Student Fellowship for Cancer Research.

Dr. Xiaoming Li was named the world’s most active author in AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. Link

Alycia Boutté, HPEB PhD candidate, was named a 2019 Breakthrough Graduate Scholar. Link

Petra Sprik, HPEB MPH student, was awarded 3rd place in the Spirituality and Public Health Research Con- test. Link

Jamie Troutman and Anthony Crimarco, HPEB doctoral students, received the Olga Ogoussan Doctoral Research Award in February 2019.

Brittany Hammond, HPEB Grants and Account Manager, and Sam Noblet, grant project coordinator in HPEB/Prevention Research Center, graduated from the UofSC GRANT (Gamecock Research Administrators Network Training) program.

Dr. Caroline Rudisill, has been invited to speak in NYC in April 2019 about the value for money related to bariatric surgery for type II diabetes at the World Congress for Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy was accepted into the Society of Behavioral Medicine Leadership Fellows program for mid-career scientists.

Anthony Crimarco, HPEB PhD candidate, was awarded a T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University’s Prevention Research Center.

Dr. Edward Frongillo was one of three presenters at a global meeting in Rome organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to confirm consensus that an experience-based measure of food inse- curity is valid for global and country monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Heather Brandt was invited to serve on the United States Department of Health and Human Services Of- fice on Women's Health HPV Vaccination Campaign Expert Panel.

Jamie Troutman, PhD candidate, has been awarded the Butterfoss Community-Based Research Endowed Fellowship for Spring 2019.

Dissertation and Practicum Presentations

We congratulate the following students who completed milestones in their academic programs during the past three months:

Dissertation Defenses:
Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen: Parenting and Child Self-Regulation as Mechanisms for the Relationship of Household Food Insecurity with Child Dietary Behavior {March 2019}

Dissertation Proposal Defense:
Yanping Jiang: Improving the Mental Health of Children Affected by Parental HIV in China: Efficacy of the ChildCARE Intervention {December 2018}

Wendi Da: Applying the Health Action Process Approach (HAPA) in Program Evaluation of a Theory-Based Parental HIV disclosure Intervention among Parents Living with HIV (PLH) in China {March 2019}

Funding News

Dr. Jim Thrasher has been awarded a five-year R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute. The project will evaluate cigarette package inserts for enhanced communication with smokers. 

Carrie Draper, HPEB research associate, received 3 contracts from the SC Department of Social Services totaling $563,606 to implement and evaluate the SC SNAP-Ed pro- gram for the year. Link

Ashley White, Jennifer Mandelbaum, Kelli Dubois, and Yanping Jiang, HPEB PhD candidates, were awarded SPARC grants from the UofSC office of the Vice President of Research.

Dr. Caroline Rudisill was awarded a Greenville Health System Diabetes Research Seed Grant with clinical colleagues in Business Health and Diabetes Management. The grant entitled, “Health outcomes, utilization and costs for GHS employees related to participation in diabetes-related programs” will assess how participa- tion in particular programs [Diabetes Self-Management Program of which Diabetes Self-Management Educa- tion and Support is part, complex care and condition management, and LoseWell (a lifestyle management pro- gram), Cardiac Rehab, and Medical Nutrition Therapy] impact clinical outcomes (HbA1C, weight/BMI, com- plication rates), health care resource use (hospitalizations and ER visits), and health care costs.

Dr. Sayward Harrison and Dr. Jan Ostermann (HSPM) in partnership with colleagues at Duke University-- have been awarded a $1 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to fund a 3-year study on adolescent HPV vaccination. The project aims to better understand why rural youth are less likely to be vaccinated than their urban counterparts, and will lead to the development and pilot testing of "INVEST", a tailored school-based Intervention that is designed to increase Vaccine uptake among adolescents in the Rural South.


HPEB in the News

Jóhann Fridriksson, HPEB alum, was recognized on the UofSC website for his efforts to improve health in Iceland through public health and politics. Link

Carrie Draper, HPEB research associate, is featured in the Free Times for her research concerning access and transportation to quality nutrition. Link

Dr. Caroline Dunn, HPEB alum, is featured on the Arnold School Website regarding her new position as re- search associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Link

Dr. Kaleea Lewis, HPEB alum, is featured in the ASPPH Friday Letter for her manuscript on perceptions about breast cancer among African-American communities in South Carolina. Link

Publications and Presentations

Bergeron CD, Tanner, A, Friedman DB, Zheng Y, Schrock C, Bornstein D, Segar M, Swift N. Physical ac- tivity communication: A scoping review of the literature. Health Promotion Practice. DOI: 10.1177/1524839919834272, 2019 Mar 4 Epub.

Boutté AK, Turner-McGrievy GM, Wilcox S, Liu J, Eberth JM, Kaczynski AT. Healthy food density is as- sociated with diet quality among racially-diverse overweight/obese pregnant women in South Carolina. Poster presentation at the 40th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine; Wash- ington D.C., March 2019.

Choi SK, Frongillo EA, Blake CE, Thrasher JF. Why are restricted food items still sold after the implemen- tation of the school store policy? The case of South Korea. Food Policy, 2019.

Davidson CR, Turner-McGrievy GM, Messias DKH, Friedman DB, Robillard AG. A pilot study examin- ing religious organization affiliation, sexual health information sources, and sexual behaviors among college students. American Journal of Sexuality Education, DOI: 10.1080/15546128.2018.1518176, 2019 Jan 7.

Escobar-Alegria J, Frongillo EA, Blake CE. Sustainability of food and nutrition security policy during pres- idential transitions. Food Policy., 2019 Jan 15 Epub.

Harrison S. HIV: A “Family Affair”—Building Resilience among Children and Families affected by HIV. Col- loquium presented at the University of South Carolina Institute for Healthcare Improvement Fall Meeting, Co- lumbia, SC, November 2018.

Harrison S. INVEST: A Tailored, School-based Intervention to Increase VaccinE uptake among adolescents (INVEST) in the Rural South. Talk presented at the South Carolina Adolescent Vaccination State Task Force Winter Meeting, Columbia, SC, January 2019.

Harrison S, Li X. Toward an enhanced understanding of resilience for youth HIV populations AIDS Care., 2018.

Jayne JM, Blake CE, Frongillo EA, Liese AD, Cai B, Nelson DA, Kurina LM, Funderburk L. Trajectories of body mass index among active-duty U.S. Army Soldiers, 2011-2014. Preventive Medicine Reports., 2019.

Kasymova S, Harrison SE, Pascal C. Knowledge and awareness of human papillomavirus among college students in South Carolina. Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment. 12, 1-9. https://, 2019.

Place JMS, Billings DL, Valenzuela A. Women’s post-rape experiences with Guatemalan health services. Health Care for Women International. DOI: 10.1080/07399332.2018.1545230, 2019 January 4.

Rose ID, Friedman DB. Framing gender identity and sexual orientation: Media influence on young men who have sex with men. Sex Education. DOI: 10.1080/14681811.2018.1560252, 2018 Dec. 20 Epub.

Sundstrom B, Billings DL, Smith E, Ferrara M, Albert B, Suellentrop K. Evaluating the Whoops Proof S.C. Campaign: A pair-matched group pretest–posttest quasi-experimental study. Maternal and Child Health Jour- nal. DOI: 10.1007/s10995-018-02729-6, Epub 2019 Feb 1.

Turner-McGrievy GM, Wirth MD, Shivappa N, Dunn C, Crimarco A, Hurley TG, West D, Hussey J, Hé- bert JR. Impact of a 12-month Inflammation Management Intervention on the Dietary Inflammatory Index, in- flammation, and lipids. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. In press.

Tuthill EL, Sheira LA, Palar K, Frongillo EA, Wilson TE, Adedimeji A, Merenstein D, Cohen MH, Wentz EL, Adimora AA, Ofotokun I, Metsch L, Kushel M, Turan JM, Konkle-Parker D, Tien PC, Weiser SD. Persis- tent food insecurity is associated with mental health among women living with or at risk for HIV in the U.S. Journal of Nutrition., 2019.


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