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Arnold School of Public Health

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Exercise Science

Exercise Science is an interdisciplinary field tying together traditional disciplines as biology, physiology, psychology, chemistry, physics, neuroscience, genetics, nutrition, and sociology to facilitate an understanding of the links between physical activity, exercise, fitness, performance, diet, and health.

Exercise Science has become an increasingly valued discipline within public health, the medical community, and even high-performance environments. Exercise has even been acknowledged for its role in the treatment of heart disease, hypertension, obesity, type II diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, and other chronic diseases & stress related disorders.

The mission of the Department of Exercise Science (EXSC) is to promote an environment of excellence and achievement in human health and performance. As part of our forward-thinking vision, EXSC is used as a resource to train the next generation of scientists and practitioners in the latest techniques and technologies in the field. In addition to advancing the science, we emphasize translation of this research for greater integration into practice and application.

The department’s Ph.D. program, which is ranked #1 in the United States by the National Academy of Kinesiology, prepares graduates for entry into positions in universities, colleges, research oriented settings, and industry. Specific areas of research specialties correspond to those listed for the departmental faculty.

Degrees Offered

In addition to the bachelor degree in exercise science, we offer four advanced degrees. Each graduate degree has specific application deadlines and requirements

Exercise Science News 


The struggle for military fitness

USC reports on how Arnold School researchers are studying the health, financial and security costs of military readiness and how finding recruits who can meet physical fitness and weight requirements to begin military training is harder than ever before.

Toni Torres-McGehee

Toni Torres-McGehee wins national Athletic Trainer Service Award

The National Association of Athletic Trainers' Service Award recognizes recipients for their contributions to professional associations, community organizations, grassroots public relations efforts.

Stacy Fritz

USC researchers study how walking speed affects health

Exercise science professor Stacy Fritz partners with engineering researchers to capture details about a person’s gait from the vibrations in their feet and then determine what variations in a person’s walking speed and step length can say about health changes and challenges.


2022-2023 SPARC Graduate Research Grants awarded to 12 Arnold School graduate students

Graduate students from across the Arnold School have earned 2022-2023 SPARC Graduate Research Grants from the USC Office of the Vice President for Research to fund individual scholarship initiatives.

Caleb Morris

Arnold School faculty member wins national award for outstanding advising

Caleb Morris, an instructor in the Department of Exercise Science and an advisor within the Office of Undergraduate Services, has been honored with an Outstanding Advising Award from the National Academic Advising Association. 

alex medina & bot

Alumnus' donation of blood gives new life to USC Board of Trustees member

USC's Megan Sexton tells the story of how Arnold School alumnus Alex Medina (M.S. in Advanced Athletic Training, 2015) saved the life of fellow Gamecock and Board of Trustees Member J. Egerton Burroughs through a blood cell transplant.


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