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Arnold School of Public Health

Facilities and Services


Key Analytical Techniques

One of a kind facilities are now available to you to solve analytical problems or support your work.

Scientific equipment and computer


ICP-TOF-MS measures all elements, all isotopes, all the time in transient signals such as single particle, single cell, and laser ablation.

Scientific equipment

Image Bio Laser Ablation System

Image Bio Laser Ablation System enables high resolution, high-speed, bioimaging by Laser Ablation-ICP-TOF-MS.

Scientific equipment and computer


AF4 allows high resolution fractionation of nanomaterials and elemental composition analysis when coupled with ICP-TOF-MS.


Elemental analysis

Elemental analysis (all elements, all isotopes at all times) of environmental and other samples

Single particle analysis

Quantitative analysis of all elements and all isotopes in nanoparticles on a particle-per-particle basis

Elemental imaging

High speed, high resolution, full mass spectrum imagine of biological and other samples

Continuous fractionation of nanomaterials

High resolution fractionation and size distribution analysis of polydispersed nanomaterial suspensions. Elemental composition as a function of particle size when coupled with ICP-TOF-MS.

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