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Arnold School of Public Health


Center Faculty & Staff

Elizabeth Crouch, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Crouch, PhD

Director, Rural and Minority Health Research Center                                    Research Interests: Health Policy, Health Economics, Access to Care in Rural and Underserved Populations

Pei-Yin Hung, Ph.D.

Pei-Yin Hung, PhD

Deputy Director, Rural and Minority Health Research Center    Research Interests: Health Disparity, Health Care Quality, Maternal and Child Health, Access to Care, Consumer Choice

Janice C. Probst, Ph.D.

Janice C. Probst, PhD

Director Emerita, Rural and Minority Health Research Center                                    Research Interests: Rural Health Care Delivery, Health Disparities, Potentially Preventable Hospitalization


Demetrius Abshire, PhD, RN

Affiliate/ Research Interests: Obesity Prevention and Treatment, Men’s Health, Rural Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health

Swann Arp Adams, Ph.D., MS

Swann Arp Adams, PhD, MS

Affiliate/ Research Interests: Disparities in Cancer from Prevention/Screening to Diagnosis to Long-term Survivorship


Christina Andrews, PhD

Investigator/ Research Interests: Impact of the Organization and Financing of Addiction Treatment on Service Access; Gender, Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Treatment Service Access; Adoption of Medications to Treat Opioid Use Disorder

Dr. Bell

Nathaniel Bell, PhD

Investigator/ Research Interests: Spatial Analysis, Health Services Research, Social Epidemiology, Injury Epidemiology, Nursing Science, Medicaid

Kevin J. Bennett, Ph.D.

Kevin Bennett, PhD

Affiliate/ Research Interests: Care Delivery for Vulnerable Populations, Quality Improvement Research  

jennifer browder

Jennifer Browder, LMSW

Maternal and Child Health Projects Coordinator/ Research Interests: Maternal and Child Health, Community Health, and Mental Health

Monique J. Brown-Smith, Ph.D., MPH

Monique J. Brown-Smith, PhD, MPH

Investigator/ Research Interests: HIV Intervention and Prevention; Childhood Trauma; Social, Behavioral and Mental Health; and Aging. She is interested in these as separate and intersecting areas of study

Jan M. Eberth, Ph.D.

Jan M. Eberth, PhD

Investigator/Research Interests: Spatial Epidemiology, Social Determinants of Health, Cancer Screening and Treatment, Access to Care, Health Care Quality


Theodoros V. Giannouchos, PhD, MS

Investigator/Research Interests: Health Services Utilization and Patient Preferences, Health Outcomes, Policy Evaluation, and Comparative Effectiveness.

Pam Gillam

Pam Gillam

Investigator/Director, Core for Applied Research and Evaluation, Office of Research

janie godbold

Janie Godbold

Program Manager/ Expertise: Pre- and Post-Award Management


Sayward Harrison, PhD

Investigator/ Research Interests: Improving the health and wellbeing of youth who are impacted by acute and chronic health conditions

Andrew Kaczynski

Andrew T. Kaczynski, PhD

Affiliate/ Research Interests: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Obesity Prevention


Daniel J. Kilpatrick, PhD, MPH, CEPR

Investigator/Research Interests: Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Emergency Management, and Disaster Risk Reduction


Jihong Liu, Sc.D.

Investigator/ Research Interests: Perinatal Epidemiology, Obesity and Physical Activity in Mothers and Children, Health Disparities, Reproductive Health, International Health

Dr. McNatt

Mary-Katherine McNatt, Dr.PH, MPH

Outside Investigator/Research Interests: Rural and Border Health, American Indian Health Inequities, Public Health Preparedness, Online Transformational and Applied Education

Alexander McLain

Alexander C. McLain, PhD

Affiliate/ Research Interests: Problems that Arise in Biomedical Studies with Longitudinal Biomarkers 

Melinda Merrell

Melinda A. Merrell, PhD, MPH

Investigator/ Research Interests: Rural Health Care Delivery, Rural Hospital Closures, Emergency Medicine, Community Health Development, Social Determinants of Health

Dr. Nabil

Nabil Natafgi, PhD, MPH, CPH

Investigator/Research Interests: Quality of Care and Patient Safety, Performance Measurement and Reporting, Telehealth Effectiveness and Evaluation, Patient-Centered Outcomes

Bankole Olatosi, Ph.D.

Bankole Olatosi, PhD

Affiliate/ Research Interests: Managing Teams and Conducting Quantitative Analyses, Building System Capacity, Working with Different Stakeholders in Healthcare

Dr. Owens

Shaun Owens, PhD, MPH

Investigator/ Research Interests: Health and Cancer Communications with Diverse Populations, Technology for Health Promotion and Informed Decision Making in Aging Adults, Smart and Connected Health


Dwayne Porter, PhD, MS

Investigator/Research Interests: Exploring and expanding the increasingly important roles that technology and technological innovations play in monitoring, assessing, modeling, and managing our coastal environmental resources and associated environmental and public health issues.

Dr. Self

Stella Self, PhD, MS

Investigator/ Research Interests: Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Modeling, Spatial Clustering Analysis, Disease Forecasting, Random Effects Models, and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods

myriam torres

Myriam E. Torres, PhD, MSPH

Affiliate/ Research Interests: Hispanic/Latino Health, International Health, HIV/AIDS

lauren workman

Lauren Workman, PhD, MPH

Investigator/ Research Interests: Community Health Development, Maternal and Child Health, Access to Healthcare, Qualitative Methods

Whitney Zahnd

Whitney Zahnd, PhD

Outside Investigator/ Research Interests:  Rural Health, Cancer Disparities, Access to Care, Spatial Epidemiology, Social Epidemiology

Graduate Research Associates

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