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Arnold School of Public Health

MPH in Epidemiology

The MPH program is a multi-disciplinary approach to public health education that prepares students to apply their knowledge in practice settings. Our graduates pursue a variety of careers, including positions within state and county health departments, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. In Fall 2019, we launched our redesigned MPH degree curriculum, which has been integrated across the public health disciplines. More details are available at:


School of Public Health Core Requirements (16 Credit Hours)

PUBH 724     (3)       Quantitative Methods for Public Health Practice I

PUBH 725     (3)       Quantitative Methods for Public Health Practice II

PUBH 726     (3)       Qualitative Methods for Public Health Practice

PUBH 730     (3)       Public Health Systems, Policy, & Leadership

PUBH 735     (4)       Practical Applications of Public Health Planning

Department Core Requirements (12 Credit Hours)

BIOS 709       (1)       Introduction to SAS

BIOS 719       (1)       Advanced SAS Methods in Public Health

BIOS 757       (3)       Intermediate Biometrics*

EPID 741       (3)       Intermediate Epidemiologic Methods

EPID 721       (2)       Clinical and Population Research Protocol Development and Implementation

EPID 722       (2)       Scientific Writing and Appraisal of Epidemiologic Studies

Major Requirements (6 Credit Hours)

EPID 730       (3)       Public Health Surveillance Systems

EPID 788       (3)       Practical Methods for Secondary Data Analysis

Elective (3 Credit Hours)

Electives may be chosen from Epidemiology courses or courses in the University that support the overall educational goals of the student.  The Faculty Advisor must approve all elective courses.

Applied Practice Experience (3 Credit Hours)

EPID 798       (3)       Epidemiology Applied Practice Experience

Integrated Learning Experience    (3) Credit Hours

EPID 796        (3)       Integrated Learning Experience


Total: 43 Credit Hours

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