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Arnold School of Public Health

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Global Health

Since its founding in 1975, the Arnold School of Public Health has been involved in global health initiatives in education, research and outreach programs through the work of faculty, staff, students and alumni. The Arnold School’s international presence is growing, underscoring the school’s commitment to promoting health through collaboration, dissemination and outreach in our local and global communities.  

Our Goal

To respond to global health challenges by promoting collaborative research and practice among students, faculty, and stakeholders around the world.

What do we do?

  • Collaborate with public health experts from internationally renowned institutions around the world.
  • Recognize that the factors accounting for global health challenges are similar around the world.
  • Emphasize the importance of cultural context in effectively addressing global health challenges.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for faculty and students to collaborate on research in other countries.

Why do we do this work?

Increasingly, the health problems facing the U.S. (including South Carolina) and other countries, even low- and middle-income countries, are the same.

Research in other countries provides opportunities for substantially enriching our understanding of health problems and solutions through engaging with environments and systems both similar to and different from those in the U.S.

Public health innovations in other countries can provide lessons that enhance public health in the U.S. The research we conduct in other countries can have large-scale, public health impacts.

How are we organized?

Drs. Edward Frongillo and James Thrasher provide overall leadership as Director and Deputy Director, respectively, for the school’s global health initiatives. Responsibility for many specific global health initiatives is distributed with faculty members from across the school. 

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