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How to Develop a Plain Language Website

Step1: Use trusted federal and state level sources to collect information for content creation. 

Step 2: Use plain language and website design tools to ensure that information is easy to understand, and website is easy to navigate

Step 3: Use online readability tools to ensure website content is written at lower grade levels for better comprehension.

Step 4: Consult translation services to make your content available to a broader population.

Step 5: Beta test  your website with potential users. Recruit individuals from your target audience and test your content and website with them. 

Step 6: Launch your website and update frequently.

Federal level resources

Additional resources

Please consult your local community literacy centers for additional support and resources for communicating health information with your audience.

Developing a plain language website workflow (click the image below for a larger view)

Chart showing steps for developing plain language website


Other Resources

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