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Updated September 5

Michael A. Matthews, a professor of chemical engineering, will present, “Hydrogen storage in chemical hydrides: A convoluted engineering challenge,” at the 246th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. He also was the invited paper for the Symposium in Honor of American Chemical Society Fellows.

Dana DeHart, a professor of social work, will present, “A Mixed-Methods Study of Women’s Pathways to Jail: Role of Mental Illness & Trauma,” at the 33rd Annual International Congress of Law and Mental Health, in Amsterdam.

Dana DeHart, a professor of social work, will publish, “Life-history models of female offending: The Role of serious mental illness and trauma in women’s pathways to jail,” in Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Teri Browne, a professor of social work, will publish, “Patient self-management in kidney disease settings: What the interdisciplinary team can do to help patients,” in Renal Link.

Sadye Logan, a professor of social work, has been selected as the 2013 Feminist Scholar Honoree by the Women’s Council of the Council on Social Work Education.

Isis Sadek, a professor of languages, literatures and cultures, will publish, “Contesting the optic of (under)development: _Tire dié_ and the emergence of independent documentary cinema in Argentina, ca. 1958,” in Social Identities.

Isis Sadek, a professor of languages, literatures and cultures, will publish, “Memoria espacializada y arqueología del presente en el cine de Patricio Guzmán,” in Cine Documental.

Andrea Bonisoli Alquati, a professor of biology, will present, “Variation across bird species in exposure to radioactive contamination in the Chernobyl region,” at the American Ornithologists’ Union/Cooper Ornithological Society in Chicago.

Kirk Foster, a professor of social work, will present, “Spiritually Sensitive Psychotherapy with Lesbian and Gay Christians,” at the LGBT Psychology and Related Fields International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Nikki Wooten, a professor of social work, was elected to the Board of Directors at the Dorn Research Institute at the William Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Medical Center.

Huong Nguyen, a professor of social work, will publish, “The relationship between parents’ use of specific services, treatment problems, and reunification with children placed in foster care,” in the Journal of Public Child Welfare.

Qian Wang, a professor of chemistry, delivered an invited talk entitled, “Development of Enzyosomes: Core-shell nanoparticles with functional protein corona,” at the Micro-2013 conference in Greenville, S.C.

Christina Andrews and Teri Browne, professors of social work, will co-chair the planning committee for the Social Work and the Affordable Care Act: Maximizing the Profession’s Impact on Health Reform national conference in San Antonio, Texas in January 2014.

Andrew Graciano, a professor of art history, will give an invited talk entitled, “Joseph Wright’s ‘Academy by Lamplight’ in Context,” at the September 2013 Goldberg Lecture Series at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.

Matt D. Childs, a professor of history, published and edited the book entitled, “The Black Urban Atlantic in the Age of the Slave Trade,” by University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia.

Sandip Das and Krishna C. Mandal, professors of electrical engineering, will co-publish, “Optical down-conversion in doped ZnSe:Tb3+ nanocrystals,” in Nanoscale.

Sandip Das and Krishna C. Mandal, professors of electrical engineering, will co-publish, “Single phase polycrystalline Cu2ZnSnS4 grown by vertical gradient freeze technique,” in the Journal of Crystal Growth.

Arlene Marturano, a professor of science education at the Center for Science Education, will present, “Fast Fun Fresh Food Nutrition Gardens for Children,” at two summer 2013 School Garden Workshops for the South Carolina Department of Agriculture in Columbia, S.C.

Simon Hudson, professor and Director of Economic Excellence for Tourism Economic Development in the hotel, restaurant and tourism management program, earned his 50th peer-review journal accepted for publication. His experiences in South Carolina running a research center, and the importance of transferring knowledge from academia to industry were instrumental in "Knowledge Exchange: A Destination Perspective" which was published in the Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, Vol. 2 No. 3.

John Grady, associate professor in the sport and entertainment management program, was an invited presenter at the 2013 LEAD conference at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. A leadership conference for entertainment venues, Grady spoke on risk management from the 2012 London Olympics, guest services and keeping patrons happy.

Glenda Alvarado, professor of advertising in the school of journalism and mass communications, has been selected as an inaugural Kopenhaver Center Fellow by the Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Center for the Advancement of Women.

Karen Mallia, professor of advertising in the school of journalism and mass communications, was elected Vice-Head of the Advertising Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC) at their annual meeting held in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 10.

Phillip Barnes, professor of environmental management in the Environment and Sustainability Program, published, “U.S. Presidential Executive Orders and Federal Energy Policy: Developing Energy Management Systems to Meet Federal Energy Reduction Goals,” in the International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management.

Christina Andrews, professor of social work, has been invited to be the Field Researcher for South Carolina for a multi-state study entitled, “Federalism and Health Reform,” sponsored by the Rockefeller Institute of Government and by the University of Pennsylvania.

Nancy Brown, professor of social work, has been asked by the eUSC Scholars Association to be one of the three Last Lecture Series speakers this fall. The series is based on the idea of the Last Lecture given by Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch in December, 2007.

Teri Browne, professor of social work, received renewal for the NIH National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities Loan Repayment Program Award, 2013-2015.

James T. Morris, professor of biological and marine sciences at the Baruch Institute for Marine & Coastal Science, published, “Perspectives on the influence of nutrients on the sustainability of coastal wetlands,” in Wetlands.

James T. Morris, professor of biological and marine sciences at the Baruch Institute for Marine & coastal Science, along with K. Sundberg, co-published, “Saltmarsh primary production and its responses to nitrogen and relative sea level in estuaries at Plum Island, Massachusettes, and North Inlet, South Carolina, USA,” in Oceanography.

Nicole Cavanaugh, professor of social work, has accepted the invitation to be on the Baccalaureate Program Directors National Planning Committee. The BPD conference takes place in Louisville, K.Y. on March 19-23, 2014.

Sue Levkoff, professor of social work, has been asked to be an associate editor for two journals: Gerontechnology and Frontiers in Public Health.

Terry Wolfer, professor of social work, published, “Assessing religiosity and spirituality in social work practice: Rationale and methods,” in the Journal of Spirituality and Social Welfare.

M. J. Larson, R. S. Adams, B. Mohr, A. Harris, E. L. Merrick, W. Funk, N. R. Wooten, K. Hoffman, D. D. Jeffery, and T. V. Williams, professors of social work, co-published, “Rationale and methods of the substance use and psychological injury combat study (SUPIC): A longitudinal study of Army service members returning from deployment in FY2008-2011 in Substance Use & Misuse.

Nikki Wooten, professor of social work, was invited to be a member of the Addictions Health Services Research (AHSR) Conference 2014 National Advisory Committee.

Dana DeHart, Cheri Shapiro, and Kathleen Hayes, professors of social work, have the honor of having their Impact of Incarceration on Families project highlighted on the USC Coordinating Office for Community Engagement & Service website for April 2014.

Huong Nguyen, professor of social work, has been granted a fourth reprinting of her book, Alone in Europe.

P. Whitaker, D. DeHart, and E. Lidstrom, professors of social work, will give a paper presentation entitled, “Human trafficking: Empowering a comprehensive social work and public health response,” at the annual conference of the American Public Health Association in Boston.

Meir Muller, a clinical assistant professor in the College of Education, published, "Constructivism and Jewish Early Childhood Education," in the Journal of Jewish Education.

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