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International Student Services

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Get Immunized

Just like getting an I-20 and attending orientation, the immunization process is one of the steps you must complete before you can take classes at USC. Submitting your immunizations prior to enrollment is a requirement. Make sure you are prepared for this before you arrive on-campus!

What you need to know

  • If you decide to live on-campus at USC, you will not be permitted to move in to your residence halls until your immunizations have been completed.
  • Even if you will not be living on-campus, you will not be permitted to enroll in courses until you submit your immunization records.
  • If you are concerned that you will not be able to complete the immunization requirements before you arrive on-campus, don't worry! Student Health Services will allow you to take care of your immunizations once you arrive at USC.
  • If you decide to get your immunizations done at USC, make sure that your health insurance is active before getting the immunizations done. 

What you need to do

  • You must enter your immunizations in the "Medical Clearances" portion of and click on "Immunizations Record" and attach supporting documentation signed by a medical provider before orientation. (Note: You can take a photo of your documentation with your phone and upload the photo). Please also enter your immunization dates and vaccine types in the "Medical Clearances" portion for each vaccine received. You will not be able to register for classes until we have your required immunizations on file. The required immunizations include: 

    1. MMR Vaccine (two doses)
    You'll need two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR), or positive blood titer reports. Please record these on in the "Medical Clearances" portion.

    2. Meningococcal Vaccine
    You'll need the meningococcal vaccine to prevent meningitis if you are younger than 21. If you've had a meningitis vaccine but it's more than five years old, you'll need a booster. Please record these on in the "Medical Clearances" portion.

    3. TB Risk Screening Question
    Complete the questionnaire found on in the "Medical Clearances" portion. 

    You can only be exempt from fulfilling immunization requirements if:

    • You have a permanent medical contraindication.
    • You have conflicting religious beliefs.
    • You are enrolled in only distance education courses.

    You will need to provide proof of your exemption status.

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