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Tenure and Promotion Forms

 The Palmetto College Campuses Tenure and Promotion Forms are available in Microsoft Word format. Candidates should note that the standard navigational bookmarks for tenure and promotion forms are built into these documents. The bold-faced titles at the top of each page automatically generate these bookmarks, and should not be modified in any way.

2016 PCCTP Forms
2016 PCCTP Forms for Librarians


  • To make the standard navigational bookmarks visible, in Microsoft Word, please go to View > Show Navigation Pane.
  • If you cannot see the gridlines in the Teaching Responsibilities chart, in Microsoft Word, go to
    Layout > View Gridlines.
  • The Overall Global Index is the score at the top of Class Climate evaluations, below Overall Indicators and before Part I.
  • For an example of how to complete the Teaching Responsibilities chart, download this sample document (.pdf).

Tenure and Promotion Process Timeline (PDF)

2014 Standard Bookmarks for PDF Files
PCCTP-1 Palmetto College Campuses Tenure and/or Promotion File Form
PCCTP-2 Palmetto College Campuses Criteria for Tenure and/or Promotion
PCCTP-3 Voting Form
PCCTP-4 Education and Employment History
PCCTP-5 Personal Statement
  Teaching Responsibilities
PCCTP-6 / 6L Evidence of Effective Teaching / Evidence of Effectiveness as a Librarian
PCCTP-7 Evidence of Scholarship
PCCTP-8 Evidence of Service
PCCTP-9 List of Supporting Materials
PCCTP-10 Curriculum Vitae
PCCTP-11 Other Items
PCCTP-12 Addenda
PCCTP-13 Summary of Teaching Evaluations
PCCTP-14 External Reviews of Scholarship
PCCTP-15A Division Chair’s Letter (if applicable)
PCCTP-15B Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Letter (if applicable)
PCCTP-15C Local Tenure and Promotion Committee Letter
PCCTP-15D Campus Dean’s Letter
PCCTP-15E Palmetto College Campuses Tenure and Promotion Committee Letter
PCCTP-15F Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Provost Letter
PCCTP-15G Palmetto College Chancellor Letter
PCCTP-15H Provost’s Letter


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