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Department of Biological Sciences


Michelle Passerotti received a Breakthrough Graduate Scholar Award

The UofSC Breakthrough Graduate Scholar Award recognizes exceptional graduate students who demonstrate excellence in the classroom and make considerable contributions to research and scholarly activities in their field.

Dr. Jay Pinckney received a Breakthrough Leadership in Research Award

The UofSC Breakthrough Leadership in Research Award celebrates senior faculty who take a multifaceted approach to inspiring excellence in research.

Discoveries from the Lizarraga lab featured in Spectrum news!

Learn more about the genetic causes and mechanisms of autism spectrum disorders

Alex Barth, Jake Swanson, and Mani Raja Keerthi awarded a SPARC Graduate Research Grant

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Support to Promote Advancement of Research and Creativity, or SPARC, Graduate Research Grant is a merit-based award designed to ignite research and creative excellence across all disciplines at UofSC.

Welcome to Dr. Melissa Ellermann, our new Assistant Professor

Learn more about Dr. Ellermann's research on the gut microbiota!

Congratulations to Dr. Hexin Chen on his promotion to full professor

Full professors have achieved recognition as experts in their field at a national and international level.

Congratulations to our new Magellan scholars!

The Magellan Scholar program was created by UofSC to enrich the academic experience of our undergraduates through research opportunities in all disciplines.

The Twiss lab published an article in Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Discover the mechanisms that allow axons to extend for tremendously long distances in our body

The Waldman lab published a new study in the journal DNA repair

Learn more about the role of Progerin, a protein found at high levels in patients with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

Dr. Jay Pinckney becomes a fellow of the AAAS!

Being elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science is an honor bestowed by a scientist's peers to recognize distinguished contributions to science.

Dr. Tim Mousseau was awarded a grant from the SC Space Grant Consortium/NASA

Dr. Tim Mousseau was awarded a grant from the SC Space Grant Consortium/NASA to study the effects of ionizing radiation on plant germination.

Michelle Passerotti and Joe Quattro just published a study in Frontiers in Marine Science

Learn more about the oceanic whitetip shark

Dr. Nathan Senner awarded a grant from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation/FWS/DOI

Dr. Senner was just awarded a grant from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation/FWS/DOI to conduct a study focused on investigating and protecting critical nocturnal roosts; whimbrel at Deveaux Bank.

Kate Levasseur and Joe Quattro published a new study in Animal Conservation

Learn more about hawksbill turtles!

GABS students volunteered to do some river clean-up!

A great initiative to clean up the Smith Branch waterway at Earlewood Park

Olivia Spead wins the 2021 Aquaneering Art of Science photomicrography contest

Check out an amazing picture of the visual system in zebrafish

Dr. Alissa Armstrong featured in Cell

On being black in the ivory tower

Congratulations to Dr. Andy Schumpert

Dr. Andy Schumpert was awarded a Garnet Apple Award! The Garnet Apple Award honors exceptional faculty who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to best teaching practices and a record of developing innovative strategies to enhance learning.

The Patel lab published a research article in Neurobiology of Disease.

Learn more about the molecular mechanisms underlying dystonia-16.

The Twiss lab published a research article in Current Biology

Learn more about what happens when an axon gets injured.

The Ely lab published four articles on Caulobacter bacteriophages!

Learn more about these viruses that infect and replicate in bacteria.

Dr. Andy Schumpert awarded a Distinguished Course Award from the Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning

Anne Moxley and Dr. David Reisman published a review article in Cell Biochemistry and Function.

Learn more about the p53 tumour suppressor

Dr. Alissa Armstrong awarded a Developmental Research Program grant from South Carolina S INBRE

the South Carolina IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (SC INBRE) supports biomedical research and infrastructure in South Carolina.

The Matesic lab published a new study in the American Journal of Physiology

Learn more about the mechanisms underlying heart failure with a preserved ejection fraction


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