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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

Retaining the State’s Top Scholars

In hopes of keeping more of South Carolina’s best students in state, the School of Law created one of the most ambitious scholarship packages yet.

“The Carolina Law Research Scholar program came about as a collaboration between administration and faculty thinking creatively about how to extend valuable resources to our students,” says Karen Britton, vice dean for admissions, career & professional development, and student affairs.

Through the program, qualifying students will receive numerous benefits including an $18,000 scholarship for the 1L year; a waiver of resident tuition and fees for the 2L and 3L years; and a stipend of $200 per week the 2L and 3L years. The scholarship package is funded through the Caplin-Hubbard, Konduros, Neukom, Perry, Stravitz, Wilcox, or Waites Waring Scholars accounts.

“We appreciate the resources that scholarship donors have given to make financial assistance for our students possible, including those who participate in the Carolina Law Research Scholar program,” says Ned Snow, associate dean for faculty development.

No special application is needed to be considered for the Carolina Law Research Scholar program. Once notified, qualified applicants will have 30 days to accept the binding award or request consideration for a traditional scholarship instead.

Eligible candidates must make a minimum of 162 on the Law School Admission Test, a 3.7 minimum cumulative UGPA, and meet the university’s requirements for residency.

“USC Law is proud that so many of its graduates shape the provision of legal services across the state and region,” Britton says. “We want to influence the next generation of lawyers to contribute to that legacy.”

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