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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

June 2023: Faculty Scholarship & Impact


A Can of Gasoline Under Indian Law
NY Times Review of Books (ft. Marcia Yablon-Zug)
June 7, 2023

Native American Families Are Being Broken Up in Spite of a Law Meant to Keep Children With Their Parents
ProPublica (ft. Marcia Yablon-Zug)
June 15, 2023

Columbia Housing tenants cite poor conditions at apartment complexes, demand changes
WACH-TV (ft. Macauley Morrison)
June 15, 2023

A Delicate Balance: Planning, Zoning, and Politics
SC Lawyer (Patrick Hubbard)
June 16, 2023

One state Senate candidate wants to abolish the mandate for a public school system. Here’s why he can’t.
Cardinal News (ft. Derek Black)
June 19, 2023

Violence-linked deaths rise in NC jails. Inspectors find the same lapse every time.
The News & Observer (ft. Madalyn Wasilczuk)
June 20, 2023

Supreme Court Skirts Question of Whether Charter Schools are Public
The74 (ft. Derek Black)
June 26, 2023


Elizabeth Chambliss
The Vanishing Country Lawyer
International Legal Aid Group Conference, Harvard Law School
June 2023

Elizabeth Chambliss
Rural Legal Markets
Law & Society Association Annual Meeting
June 2, 2023

Kevin Brown
Racial and Ethnic Ancestry of the Nation's Black Law Students: An Analysis of Data
Law Students' Success, Sense of Belonging and Well-Being: Empirical Insights for EDI Considerations
Panel at Law and Society's Annual Conference
June 2, 2023

Tessa Davis
Imagining the Body in Tax
Law and Society Conference
May 31-June 4, 2023

Madalyn Wasilczuk
5th Amendment Rights as Abortion Rights

Law of Policing Conference - University of Chicago School of Law
June 7, 2023

Bryant Walker Smith
Keynote Speech
Dagstuhl Seminar on Privacy Protection of Automated and Self-Driving Vehicles
June 13, 2023

Etienne Toussaint
On the Cultivation of Black Letter Law
Yale Law School's 2023 Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum
June 29-30, 2023


Cassandra Jones Harvard
Equal Pay and Substantive Economic Citizenship

Equitable workplaces, equal opportunities, and fair pay – the process of creating these begins with acknowledging the need for change. The political and economic barriers that curtail the economic security of women must be abolished. This requires a more deliberate action by policymakers to address the gender wage gap, including its racialized aspects. Breaking down barriers for all women will open new opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender.


Ben Means (with Douglas K. Moll)
Against Contractual Formalism in Shareholder Oppression Law, U.C. Davis L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2023).

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