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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

Q&A with Lindsay Richardson '18

Where do you call home?  

I currently live in Manhattan, New York, but home is Lake Wylie, South Carolina.  

When did you first become interested in law?

The law has always been interesting to me because it touches every aspect of life, but I became committed to the idea of joining the legal profession during my junior year of college.  

Why did you choose to attend the University of South Carolina School of Law?  

The University of South Carolina School of Law offers a unique collegial environment and supportive professional network of dedicated professors, alumni and legal professionals. I felt confident that I would get a world-class legal education in a supportive environment. Law school is tough, but the people at South Carolina make it a rewarding adventure.  

What is the most valuable piece of information or advice you learned while you were in school?  

Run your own race and follow your passion. It is easy to compare yourself to others in law school and just follow the “what everyone is doing” plan, but it’s important to focus on your own goals, and what habits/tactics best work for you.  

What did you love most about attending South Carolina Law?

My classmates made law school memorable. I still keep in contact with many of my law school friends and we often visit each other (now that we all live in different parts of the country). The bonds you form in law school truly are life-long friendships that you can count on in both your professional and personal life.  

What event or professional experience has given you the most satisfaction?

My favorite experiences in law school included practical experiences like being part of a journal, taking a legal clinic and being involved in Pro Bono work. These experiences helped me learn the valuable skills of project management, leadership, “on the fly” problem solving, and teamwork – all of which I used in my daily practice.  

Are there any mentors that you hold in high regard?

I was blessed with some great role models and mentors from my time at South Carolina, including the Honorable J. Michelle Childs, Tommy Preston, and Andrew Mathias, who were all so helpful in guiding my career early on and reminding me to keep my eyes on the larger picture. 

What is a typical day like for you?

The nature of a corporate practice is that every day is different, which is part of the reason I love it. Some days are filled with drafting, while other days involve a lot of phone calls and negotiations. You can find a glimpse into my schedule and a day in the life here: A Day in the Life: Ropes & Gray Corporate Associate ( 

Do you have any advice for current or prospective students coming to South Carolina Law?

Work life balance is a myth. In reality, it is more of a juggle. There will be times when you can do all the things (i.e., hang with friends, connect with family, do great work, travel, exercise, etc.) and there will be times when you can’t. And that’s okay. When you find yourself in those tough times, remember to still find time for small things that make you feel fulfilled and happy. Also start building good habits and routines early because they will help carry you on your toughest days.  

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Say “yes” to new experiences and opportunities even if they may be a little unconventional or weird. You never know where a simple “yes” can take you… it might even lead you to New York. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.