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Faculty Instructions for Hiring RAs

Revised: 14 May 2019

The Spring hiring term will be January 7, 2019 thru April 15, 2019.

Students are only allowed to work a total of 15 hours/week in total while classes are in session. If you are working on a “special project” and should need more than the allotted 15 hours/week per student, please contact Associate Dean Colin Miller for approval of additional RA(s).  Dean Miller will then let Ronée Woodley know for hiring purposes.

Whether you are keeping an RA from a previous semester or hiring a new one you MUST please send an email to Ronée Woodley with the following BEFORE they begin:

  • RA’s name
  • Returning/New
  • Supervisor’s name
  • number of hours/week
  • begin & end dates

If you are hiring a NEW RA for Fall 2018:

  • I need the above information
  • The student NEEDS to see Ronée Woodley before they begin work. Any time between 9–10am & 12pm. Or they can contact Ronée Woodley to make an appointment.
  • The student will need to bring the official forms of identification needed to verify their eligibility to work in the US. (The US Citizenship & Immigration Services website lists acceptable documents.)
  • Original & current documents only, NO COPIES will be accepted!

If you are keeping the same RA:

  • The information above still needs to be sent to Ronée Woodley
  • But the student will not need to meet with Ronée Woodley, nor does the student need to fill out an I-9 or present documents; as they are already in the system. 

If a student is sent to us to get the paperwork filled out, but we have not received an email indicating for who & where they will be working, we will not put them into the system until we receive the information stated above. They will not be paid & cannot work until they are in the system.