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Painting features an abstracted beach scene. The upper third of the canvas contains light pink clouds. The sky is blue and purple. The second third of the canvas is pink/peach/pale purple and depicts land meeting water at coastline. The lower third has large blue, green, and purple layers of paint. On the reverse side of the canvas, handwritten in marker on the upper wooden stretcher: “ANNE LATTIMORE ‘BEACHSCAPE’ OIL $100 1967 SUMMER SCHOOL OF THE ARTS (TERM II) 40 X 30.” Writing on the lower stretcher reads: “GIFT OF THE ARTIST USC:74952.” Silver USC inventory control sticker located in the lower right corner.

 Painted by Anne Lattimore in 1967.

 Piece is on loan from the McKissick Museum.

 Located in the Student Study Room of the Clinics Suite.


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