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International Accelerator Program

Student Health Insurance

For International Accelerator Program Students 

International Accelerator Program students will be required to use the provided health insurance while on our program.  This insurance meets and the requirements by the University of South Carolina.  The American medical system can be extremely expensive and complicated, and while you are on our program, we want to be able to support and help you through the process if you are ill.  Through coverage in our insurance program, we are able to serve as your advocate with the insurance company or within the health system.  

Please find the details of our insurance coverage (dates, cost, coverage) here.

Once you finish the IAP program, you may either take the university’s insurance or find your own that meets their requirements.  If you find your own insurance, you must submit the details and proof of that insurance to the university for waiver approval each semester.  While on our program and our insurance, we will do this for you.

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