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Office of the Provost

Academic Common Market

Applying for ACM

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Academic Common Market (ACM) allows students from participating states to pursue eligible programs at a reduced tuition rate. Follow the steps below to apply for ACM.

  Application Stage Student Action
1. USC Columbia Admission Acceptance Confirm ACM-eligible major at Freshment/transfer students can call (803) 777-7700 to declare major
2. College Approval Contact a USC ACM Program Advisor for a letter confirming major
3. Home State ACM Application Visit USC's Participating States page for a link to the ACM application for your state of residence. Attach the USC ACM Program Advisor letter to your application
4. ACM Certification Freshman or transfer students must register for full-time classes (12 credit hours) at orientation.
Current students must register for full-time classes
5. USC ACM Approval Students who have received an ACM Certification have been made ACM-eligible. They will be approved by USC and will receive the ACM tuition credit after bills are made available on July 18th, depending on the dates when the ACM Certification is received by USC* and orientation occurs

USC Academic Common Market Approval

*ACM Certifications must be received by USC ACM Office deadlines in order to be processed for approval. ACM Certifications for semesters underway or already completed will not be approved.