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Valinda Littlefield and Marjorie Spruill
History professors Valinda Littlefield and Marjorie Spruill are co-editors of the first-ever anthology of South Carolina women.

Continued: S.C. Women Anthology

For scholars and general readers

The three professors edited the entries so that a general audience, as well as scholars, could read and appreciate them. They anticipate the anthology will be used by teachers in grades K–12 as part of their social studies curriculum.

They believe it will give readers a heightened understanding of gender as a factor in analysis of the human experience as well as a more complete understanding of South Carolina’s history.

“This isn’t just about studying women who made a difference,” said Spruill. “It’s also about studying what difference it makes it you’re a man or woman in society. Increased attention to women and women’s roles has changed and enriched the work of historians.

“Now people look at men as gendered creatures, too, and it has changed the study of history.”



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