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Gamecock Guarantee covers tuition for state's neediest students


A University of South Carolina program that covers tuition for its neediest in-state students is making college dreams a reality for more than 200 undergraduates in the program.

Established as the Gamecock Guarantee, the program is the only need-based scholarship plan of its kind in South Carolina. Two classes have been admitted since fall 2008. The program guarantees students from the state's lowest-income families who meet the entrance requirements of the University will have their tuition and technology fees covered for four years of study.

"The Gamecock Guarantee is helping to remove the financial barriers that have kept many South Carolina students from being able to attend the University of South Carolina," said Scott Verzyl, assistant vice provost for enrollment management. "The program enables students to earn a high-quality education and a degree from the state's premiere research university regardless of their financial circumstance."

A total of 211 students have enrolled at Carolina because of Gamecock Guarantee, which places students in one of three programs to ensure their academic success and adjustment to college life. The programs include the Opportunity Scholars Program, Capstone Scholars Program, and the South Carolina Honors College.

Jordan Addison, a freshman and a graduate from Stratford High School in Goose Creek, said the Gamecock Guarantee has lifted financial burdens and allowed her to be a successful member of the campus community.

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